Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You A Poser?

I'm attending a Bible Study on Tuesday nights at one of our neighbor's house that is following Beth Moore's "Stepping Up - a journey through the Psalms of Ascent". I'm grateful to her to opening her home and inviting us in for a night of reflection and soul searching. Tonight on the DVD, Beth Moore posed the question "What if we got rid of the posing? What if we let people see us as we really are?" An example she used is what if someone actually felt comfortable saying "I'm a wreck.". How many of us have been that 'wreck' before? What if you felt comfortable peeling back the layers of what makes you who you are and could be completely and utterly honest with those around you? Do you think that would be liberating? Rather than keeping up a facade of the person that you project to those around you ... what if you were willing to be completely honest? Would it change your life?

I'm telling you, I left there with many deep thoughts and reflections. I am that person, as I am sure I have told before, who takes notes on everything. I write down things while I'm on the phone, if I see something interesting in a magazine I'll either circle it or jot down the information on a post-it note. So you can possibly imagine that in my study guide, I have made a lot of different notes on things I have heard since the Bible Study began.

Something else she touched on tonight was hidden hypocrisy. In my notes I wrote this: is it a hypocrisy to pretend to be the person you want to be? Yes. God wants us to be who we are. The genuine article - the designer's one and only - not some knock-off sample.

So along these lines, I feel the need to have a little confession with you...and myself. I have been very angry today. Why? I could list a million reasons and probably do a pretty good job of trying to justify them. But the truth would be that obviously there is something that is bothering me. The root of me. The person who is the designer original - not the knock-off sample that everyone sees on the outside. I have acted indifferent to my husband and daughter today just because I am not happy right now. In other words, I have acted like a complete jerk with the people that I love today. And I am sorry for that. I try to be a good person and I try to be a good friend. I strive to be a good mother and wife. But there are things about myself that I need to reflect on and decide to change.

So I pose the question to you - are you a designer original or a knock off sample of the person that you are intended to be?

Until the next time -

The Momster
who is going to be a one of a kind original again


Anonymous said...

Great post! I really like the thought provoking content of this post.

I really enjoyed your blog!

Scrappy Girl said...

Hmmmm...have you been reading my mind? LOL! I have been struggling with myself alot lately. I too have been indifferent to my family. I feel like there is a conflict going on inside me. I too need to reflect and make some changes. Thanks for the thought provoking post...hope you make positive changes that make you feel better...

Slacker MOM II said...

Your post was awesome. When we started this bible study,I had no idea where it was taking us but WOW is all I am going to say. This study is speaking to me. Hopefully we can continue after the 4 weeks are over.
Your post has me thinking about the pose for the day....
Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

I found your post searching for information on Beth Moore. This was phenomenial and really did touch my heart too. Thank you for your honesty. Now I'm looking forward to doing her Bible study and going on a road to self-discovery.


The Momster said...

Scrappy Girl - I kept thinking last night watching that "how do they know?" Let me know how the reflecting turns out.

"D" - I know sometimes I think you all think "what is she writing down? we aren't at the fill in the blank part yet!"You didn't know about my secret note taking did ya?

Tammy - thank you for finding my post as enlightening. I hope you enjoy the Bible study as much as I am.

Teri said...

What an excellent post. I, too, have been thinking about this same topic. I will also try to be exactly who I am, for real.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Honea Household said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to "meet" you! :)

Our church just finished this same study about a month ago. It was favorite study I've done. I learned so much about myself. You are going to LOVE it! I know I did!