Friday, May 23, 2008

What A Day It Was...

What an incredible day we had today. 5th grade graduation. I am so glad that I was there to experience each and every minute of the excitement involved.

For prosperity- here are our 'details'. First off, we get to school really early to finish up with some stuff. Then it's down to the cafeteria for the ceremony. I was able to sit with my husband, the UIC, which was really nice - and he had incredible seats - the row behind the Doodlebug's class. The ceremony begins - the Principal, who is retiring this year, proceeds with the welcome. There was a discussion of bees and butterflies and eagles - but funny no mention of mountain lions, and that's our school mascot. The guest speaker, Carl Azuz from CNN, was entertaining and wonderful. Just the right amount of time. No discussion of bees, butterflies or eagles. The parents and the children both were equally entertained.

Next was the teacher presentations where each student was called to the stage and given their certificates. Wonderful experience. Seeing each of them cross that stage was wonderful. I have been blessed to work at the school and work with so many of them this year that it was just ... incredible. Students were awarded various 'awards' and the Doodlebug received the President's Award for maintaining her grades this year. This was followed by a presentation to the Principal from the PTO board, where they are naming the Media Center at the school in her honor. Emotion moments for everyone.

Following the conclusion of the introductions there was to be a 7 minute video with pictures of the students this school year but due to technical difficulties we were not able to see it. We were promised later on in the day... So we headed back to the classroom where the students changed clothes and helped straighten up the room for their teacher. Then we proceeded to the 'carnival' which basically was a few blowups and some tattoo station and karaoke and cake/hotdogs (with BUNS thanks to "D"), chips and drinks.

It was a blast. I was the first person to test drive the karaoke machine - singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and it was a BLAST. Both the Doodlebug and her Dad said they KNEW it was me when they heard the first few notes. I used to get extremely terrified to sing in public, but not so much from all of the years of singing in church. I had hoped to get the Doodlebug to do a duet with me, but it never worked out.

We went back to the cafeteria at 1:30, hoping to see the video but again, due to technical difficulty it never worked out. Hopefully the school will contact us about it at a later date (at least that's what the new Principal told us all). Then it was back out into the halls for the 'walk of fame' - all of the fifth grade classes walk the halls and proceed out of the building and head on home. Some of the kids were really emotional and that was just about enough to do me in.

All in all a great day. The Doodlebug is still a little worn out this afternoon so we skipped a few things afterschool today so that she could come home and rest. It's hard to believe that I have a middle schooler now...

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The Source said...

Congratulations to the new MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL! I'm glad the last day of elementary school was one to remember!