Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday - Wow

Where has the week gone? I cannot believe that it is already Wednesday.... I feel like Alice in Wonderland where things are happening and I have no control over them.

The Doodlebug is still sick. The UIC did take her to the Dr. on Monday - they said it's not strep and to bring her back on Thursday if she's not better. Thanks a lot. Guess what? She's still not better. She was feeling somewhat better last night, but then at 1:15 this morning, there was this little voice beside me... "Mommy my left ear is REALLY hurting." She said it was like a sharp pain. I think it's from the fact that she now has a lot of congestion and probably fluid on her ears. I'm taking her to my parents' house this morning because I have to go to school. I feel horrible about this. I'm going to call the Dr. first thing and see what we need to do. After all, how do you go about getting a sub for a sub? And on a crazy day like today - I cannot imagine.

I'm exhausted. I've got to make myself come home today and finish die cutting letters for those picture pages. I'm almost done - but I still haven't picked out, much less found, the pictures to go on the Doodlebug's sheet. I'm just hoping that she's well enough to go to school on Friday for the graduation. I'm beginning to think that I was totally insane to take this assignment at the end of the year. I need a Calgon moment. Maybe it'll rain today and kickball will be cancelled. Then at least, I can get the classroom cleaned up - as apparently that's expected of me as well.

More later - my brain is in a fog.

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