Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday already....

Okay, who hijacked Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday? Was it you, sitting there smugly at your pc realizing that I've lost a total of four days? Maybe it was the UIC... ? The Tooth Fairy? Tim Allen dressed up as Santa Claus? It's starting to sound an awful lot like that Urban Legend that my thighs were stolen by Cindy Crawford!
Anywho... I just wanted to take a momento to share this snapshot of the Doodlebug that I found while trying to finish her picture page at the last minute last week. Needless to say, this was her 'younger' picture. Love those eyes! I love looking back at pictures and finding something like this - it speaks volumes about her personality.

We've been having the 'middle school makeover' discussion lately. She's going to go ahead and donate 10 to 12 inches of her hair to Locks of Love and we are going to get some layers. She's excited so we aren't going to wait...better to act while the 'gettin's' good, ya know what I mean?


The Source said...

Awww...Doodlebug! So CUTE! I think you're absolutely right to go ahead with the new hair'll give her time to get used to it and become a pro at "fixing" it, too. Drastic changes right before middle school begins are stressful.

I'm glad she's donating her hair. She'll make someone very happy.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

I love finding pictures I haven't seen in a while! What a great gift to donate to locks of love!