Friday, May 2, 2008


Thank goodness it's Friday - everyone say it with me!

This weekend holds nothing out of the ordinary - going shopping for the 'graduation' dress. Studying Biology. Deep cleaning the house. And I guess I'd better get on the phone about that Hummer Limo, right?

Last night was the final chorus concert of the year. Can you believe the entire thing was only 18 minutes? Not that I'm complaining - but was that even worth the gas that people had to use to get there and back home? It was a cute program though...

Well the big news - today my parents are celebrating their 49th wedding anniversary. I wonder what the statistics are for couples to stay married for 49 years? So this means that this next year will be busy with planning a 50th wedding anniversary for them. Boy, I'd better get busy! Here's the happy couple a few days after tying the knot.

And that's about it for today - unless there's something earth shattering to share later on - this is the Momster. Have a great night!

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The Source said...

Thta's wonderful! Congratulations to your parents!