Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shopping Day ...

OMG, when did shopping with a 10 year old become such a chore? I mean, if my mother had taken me to the mall and said "okay, today is about you - what do you like?" I think I would have thought I'd died and gone to pre-teen heaven. The Doodlebug, well she's not a shopper like her Momster. She wanted to know exactly what we were looking for and approximately how long we would be there. Now, she has a friend who, each time she goes shopping with us, wants to try on every pair of shoes that possibly come in her size. My daughter grunts and moans when we head to the dressing room. Now granted, we had picked out maybe 10 dresses for her to try on. From cute and sassy to just darned adorable (and still acceptable in her opinion). On the way to the dressing room, which she pointed out was on the boys side of Macys, I found the CUTEST babydoll top and had to convince her to try it on.

Well, rather than bore you with the rest of the details, we left with 3 of the dresses and a cute cropped sweater top thingy that she can wear over this funky sundress that I convinced her to try on the last time we went to the mall. Two dresses that I picked out and one that she liked. We went to another store in the mall but they didn't have anything. I bought me a cute top and then we went shoe shopping. Another nightmare but we left that store with ANOTHER dress (actually one we'd seen at Macys but they didn't have her size), a pair of denim shorts for field day at school and a cute pair of Candies shoes. I am utterly and completely exhausted. I'm wondering when the 'fun' shopping stage will begin with her....?

So rather than focusing on my scrapbooking on National Scrapbooking Day, I went to the mall. I came home exhausted. I've retreated to this room to not have to 'talk' to anybody downstairs - 15 minutes of quiet time - this Momster needs a time out!

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The Source said...

Yeah, ummm...I have a daughter that LOVES to shop, but wants it all. My ten year olds consider shopping a form of torture. The would rather wear rags. But they're guys.