Sunday, May 25, 2008

Post-Graduation meltdown

Whoa is me - what a weekend we've had. First off I went to bed Friday night feeling really crummy and woke up feeling even worse. Seems I have some sort of cold. So I've spent the day in and out of bed today.

The Doodlebug seems to be feeling better. She's not complaining about her ears hurting, which is wonderful. Since she had so many ear infections as a baby, I always worry when she says her ears hurt. She's still on antibiotics and a decongestant.

The UIC has been having some unusual chest pains. I think it's anxiety. We've been here before with him and he pointed out to me today that it always seems to occur near the end of ball season. I have discovered that he's not been taking his medication for high cholesterol so he took one today and took a nap on the couch. I wish he'd realize how important it is that he takes those pills! I'm going to call the Dr's office to make him an appointment. I'm beginning to think he might need a betablocker for the anxiety.

We took the Doodlebug out to eat yesterday to celebrate the end of the elementary school era. Then we went and let her pick out a video game that she'd been wanting as her 'gift'. She's been on the phone and computer chatting away with her friends today. She's such a well rounded child - seldom does she say anything 'not nice' about anyone from school. She doesn't like to get all caught up in all the drama that goes on though - and for this I am thankful.

What on Earth are you looking for?????

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