Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday, Field Day and Grades

Is it still just Monday? Could somebody please check the calendar, because today has felt like at least 3 or 4 days already.

Today was the fifth grade field day at school. I use the term 'field day' loosely because in all honesty, the coaches really didn't plan any activities for the fifth graders. The relays were the same things that they've done for several years. Just with a lot of yelling to be quiet inbetween. The one thing that the kids look forward to is the tug of war. Well this year, at the end of the student tug of war, we had parents vs. teachers war. And obviously since I'm blogging about it, you can tell that the parents won! It was so funny, the Doodlebug just said "PULL MOM PULL" and to be honest, I just thought of all the parental frustrations at the school as of late - and I pulled pulled pulled. I guess all those years of working out at the gym for upper body strength finally paid off.

And in the education department, I am happy to report that grades were posted online today - I got all As last semester. Whoa Hoo! At least now I don't have to sit here and wonder if I completely tanked my psychology class because of the final. I'm making some leeway in studying for the CLEP - I just have to remind myself of my deadline- May 28th. And that if I don't pass it, it's not the end of the world. (Fingers crossed though.)

And that's it for tonight. We had karate and after a day in the sun, the Doodlebug and I are completely exhausted. Got to get a good night's sleep tonight - I start my 'long term' sub job tomorrow - this should be fun.

Have a magnificent Monday night!
The Momster

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The Source said...

I am just really ready for this school year to end. And then again, not. I think maybe the twins to be finished with 4th grade and Todd to still have four years of high school left. Perfect.

We haven't had field day yet. We're waiting until it is so hot the "field" will literally boil under our feet. May 30 I think. Nothing like sunburning and heat-stroking a bunch of little kids.