Thursday, May 29, 2008


Wow. I'm not sure how I feel about tonight's show. On one hand, it was incredible. On the other, that was the longest two hours ever! Let's recap.....

1. I was not surprised that it was a Locke-in-a-Box.

2. Jack really needs to shave.... and maybe check into rehab!

3. I was shocked to see Penny and her rescue boat - but that explains how Desmond and Frank survived but were not with the Oceanic Six.

4. Does Sun turn on the 6 now that she blames Jack for her husband's death? Is that the point of her conversation with Widmore?

5. Is it just me, or does Ben actually look better off the island???

6. What do you think Sawyer whispered to Kate before he jumped from the helicopter?

7. What bad things happened after they left? How did Locke die? And what is Jack's father doing exactly????

8. Why does Claire not want Kate to bring Aaron back to the island?

9. And if they all have to go back, how do they account for Jin and Michael and the others who were on the freighter when it exploded?

10. Where are the people that Daniel had on the boat from the island when the ship exploded? Where are they supposed to go?

11. Is Charlotte originally from the island? And if so - how do you explain her getting off the island - and going back? Didn't anybody happen to notice that happened?

Okay, so today's show left more questions... like where does Sayid want to take Hurley?

If you head over to the LOST site you can take Sawyer's Nickname Quiz - my name is apparently Barbie - that's a good one!


Mrs. N. said...

Yes, Ben looks better off the Island and in black. Great post!

Abbreviated said...

Don't forget Sawyer's Kenny Rogers quip.

Life In Progress said...

I'll have to check out that nickname quiz. Sawyer's nicknames always crack me up!

Jen said...

Yes, I totally agree about Ben looking better off the island. Is this on purpose? Jack, on the other hand, is pretty gross. I loved Sawyer and Kate's kiss. He is so awesome!