Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Final Week of Fifth Grade

We begin the final week of fifth grade on Monday. Next, it's middle school for my baby. Where did the time go?

I've been putting together picture pages of a majority of the fifth grade students (around 125) and looking at their pictures from when they were just babies to now - it's all so sad. I've still got to go through the pictures here to pick out the shots of the Doodlebug and finish up her page as well. I have promised myself to at least get her page done this weekend so that I'm not scrambling on Wednesday night to get it done.

The teacher that I have been subbing for is only coming in for their graduation ceremony on Friday. She sent an email this past Friday with those details as well as asking for grades and to let her fellow teachers know a few of the details about her class' graduation. I'm glad that I'm almost caught up on grading papers. I'm a little surprised at who is getting the class awards (well not really when I think about the teacher's relationship with the students).

I told the class on Friday afternoon to go ahead and clean out their desks - just leave something to write with so that we can take a reading test, a math test, and a math assessment test on Monday. We have a section to cover on poetry that day as well and then, for the most part, their fifth grade academic learning experience is overwith. There is something going on each day of this upcoming week except for Monday, so we'll be doing a lot of reviewing.

I haven't mentioned it, but somehow I got saddled with coordinating the fifth grade talent show. We have about 19 acts for the show -ranging from dancing to singing to playing instruments and even some comedy. It will be spread out over two mornings, 1 hour each. I hate that time frame. I wish the school could have given us a 2-hour block in a good area to hold our 'show'. Apparently someone failed to mention to them earlier on that we were planning something. Thank goodness that blame can't be placed on me. There are a few acts that have to be re-reviewed to make sure that they are okay and then at 8 on Wednesday morning it'll be lights - music and action!

The Doodlebug is going to spend the night with her grandparents tonight. I think it'll give me an opportunity to get a lot done around the house. I need to catch up on doing laundry and do some cleaning in general. I'm beginning to think that I'll never be able to take the CLEP exams to avoid taking my science labs on campus - this has me a little more than upset. I haven't scheduled my time well with working and then being involved in everything else I have somehow ended up being involved in.

I'd better start getting busy -

The Momster

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