Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a Wednesday

This morning my mother called before 7. My sister's husband was involved in a horrible accident on his way to work. My sister knew nothing more than he was in the trauma unit at the hospital and he had asked for them to call her.

He apparently was clipped and hit the wall and then flipped his car three times. They had to cut him out of the car and rushed him to the hospital. He's lucky to even be alive. From what I know, he has broken his shoulder but I'm not sure of the details beyond that. He cannot drive or basically do anything for weeks. She said that he was covered in glass from head to toe and that he is aching all over.

I called the UIC - he works a few blocks from the hospital and asked him to walk over and see how everything was going. He called me back soon after and said he had gotten in touch with Judi on his walk over and she had basically said not to come. I had talked to her in the meantime and she basically said the same thing. I thought it was a generous move on the UIC's part to leave work to go and be with her.

Truth be known, my BIL is in a spiritual crisis of sorts. It's been going on for quite a number of years now. It's ruining their marriage and his relationship with his children. I'm afraid that the children have been involved in it too much. But you know, you never see these things when they are happening. It's the after effect that everyone has to live with. My family (mom,dad, hubs, and I) don't hate him. We hate what is happening to them. It's a very touchy subject with my parents and they would rather avoid any confrontation on this front. I did send her an email after some things were said and told her that we don't hate him, we hate the situation that they are in and the tension that all of this has caused.

Should I have done this? I don't know. But I am not the type of person who hates people. I don't like to think the things that she has probably said to him the past few years about how any of us feel about their situation. I worry about the stress and turmoil this is causing to their two children. Because once you tell a child something about their parent, you can never take it back.

How do you deal with family? Either way, please keep them in your prayers.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a cheery day :)

The Momster


Scrappy Girl said...

We live on a farm (our farm). My FIL, MIL, BIL, SIL, and their 2 kids live on the farm with us. They live here for free in homes we could be renting out to help pay our mortgage. There is always some kind of drama going on. They go tell others that they have to do all the farm work. When that was the original deal....we pay for stuff...they do the work. Argh. It is a mess. I hope your BIL is ok and has a speedy recovery.

The Source said...

I understand family drama, believe me. We don't get to choose any of them except our spouse, right?? Which means the rest of them could be people we'd NEVER talk to again if we had the choice. I' sorry about your BIL's accident and I hope he's doing better today. I have a feeling this will all work itself out for the best.