Friday, April 11, 2008

What Motivates You To....

Clean? I mean, is it that company is coming? Maybe you grew up in a messy house? Or do you care at all if your house is clean or not?

Do you consider yourself to be organized? I mean, does everything have a purpose and everything have a place? Or is your life in the constant state of array where you have a hard time finding the car keys?

Do you shop a lot? Do you shop for need or for want? I'll admit, before becoming a Mom, I shopped for want. It was a hobby. Every weekend I seemed to visit Macys for something.

If I can find my old planner, I'll share with you a comic that the UIC cut out for me many, many years ago. It's about cleaning. It's hilarious.

Until then, here's an interesting website about cleaning Organized Home. Then there's always Flylady but she's a little bit too intense for me. I mean, I don't wanna get up in the morning and put my shoes on no matter how much sense it makes.

So please leave a comment - I'm curious what drives your cleaning .....

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The Source said...

Generally, the house is "clean" but not spotless. You don't have to step over stuff, but I wouldn't advise eating off the floors. Weekends when there are no pressing plans, we all pitch in and do the dusting, mopping, etc. for the week. If it was just wouldn't get messy to begin with, so I wouldn't have to straighten up much. Right? Ha ha.