Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Did anyone happen to see Oprah today with the pregnant man story? I missed the show, but just watched it online. I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on the subject if you know the back story. I find it all extremely odd.

Saw a cute shirt - Club Sandwiches Not Seals - I'm sorry, that just made me giggle.

Did you hear that some lake in South America has disappeared? Google it!

After tomorrow we only have 30 more school days! Yippee! Next week we have Spring Break!

My nephew leaves on Wednesday for his Army officer training. I still cannot believe that he's going into the military. What happened to the little boy who used to pull my hair?

My parents are both having some health concerns that have me very distracted. Not that it's an excuse, but I bombed on my history quiz yesterday. I think I got one question right out of 5. I'm very hard on myself about grades - I have always been that way. I'll have an exam in there on Wednesday so I'll have to redeem myself. The 15 page psychology study guide is unreal. We had a discussion about it before class yesterday. How anybody can randomly memorize that much material is beyond me. That exam is Monday. May 1st is not coming soon enough for me... I am ready for my summer vacation to begin!

I guess that's a good place to stop. Hope you've had a great day today. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

The Momster

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