Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parents Who Have Problems...

First, let me start out by making the following statement:

I do not believe it is necessary to have a big celebration at school for the fifth grade students who are 'graduating' and moving across the street to the Middle School next year. I don't see the point - I mean, yes I understand it's a milestone - but our school has this tendency to overdo everything. It's insane.

That said, we seem to have a lot of turmoil going on at the school. I've been asked by three room parents about the end of the year festivities. I had already asked the grade coordinator if there was anything she needed done, my "duty" per say. She told me that she was going to select a group of parents to work on the end of the year festivities, so that has been my blanket answer when asked.

Monday night a parent that I have known since The Doodlebug was in preschool called to ask me what was going on. I gave her the traditional "it's all being handled" speech. I didn't know what else to say. Do I think her feelings were hurt? Yes. Would mine be hurt in the same situation? You betcha. She did the next best thing when we got off the phone - she called the grade coordinator - who is in charge - and was told the same thing and the 'if I need you I'll let you know'.

Why do I let this bother me? Is it because in the mist of parents getting all tweaked off I might actually get my feelings hurt, too? More than likely - oh heck, it's actually already happened. I'm just here to do what I've been asked to do. Because while I might not 'get the big picture' about this stuff, my daughter is excited beyond belief about 'graduation'. So I will do what is asked of me and I will ask the parents who I know want to help to help with the student pages that will go in the hallway. Do I feel 'special' because I was included in the planning (if you want to call it that - we were just told what we would be doing)? No. I know why I was there. They know what they need done and somehow the bulk of it has landed on me. I'm just a pawn -a worker bee if you will. I'm the parent who does these sorts of things and the grade coordinator knows it.

I'm not the parent who is out there trying to befriend all the other kids' parents. This isn't high school and I'm not running for Homecoming Queen! I'm the parent who usually tries to take care of what's mine. Do I gossip? Yeah, who doesn't? Am I malicious? No. I think the overall opinion of me at school is that I am nice to the students and I try to help out where I am needed. Do I think things are being handled in a way not to hurt others feelings? No. Can I change it? No. What can I do about it? Nothing. Aside from asking parents who want to help to help me with what we are doing for the hallway, I have no control. This is one reason why I gave up being grade coordinator after the third grade. Parents can be vicious and others can be lazy and I could never find that group that was the happy middle ground. If I did, the vicious ones always scared them away.

That said, I am going to sit back and do what is asked of me while I try to work the next few weeks until school gets out. I'm going to be in one of the fifth grade classes and my concern there is just trying to make sure that we get to review whatever they've learned in math this year because I know how hard middle school math can be. And after the graduation, I hope to be able to take the memories and the pictures and the stuff and just have good memories about what has happened. It's all that I can do. That, and pray.

Sorry this post is so 'heavy' but I just needed to get this off my chest.


Scrappy Girl said...

I am so looking forward to the end of school!

The Source said...

Have you rented the Hummer Limo yet? Cause you know it's supposed to be waiting after graduation to wisk the ten year olds off to dinner in style. You knew that, right?? Ask me all about it. LOL

Slacker MOM II said...

I didn't realize we needed to have a hummer. I have been thinking we should have Air Force One waiting for the girls after graduation in the large lot. These parents are over the top. I want to school year to end.