Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not Enough Hours...

In the day. Maybe my six sentence epitaph should say "Not Enough Hours In Her Day".

Today is one of those days where you feel like you're being pulled in all sorts of directions. There's the house to clean, the friends who call to chat, the family to take care of, the self to take care of, the fur ball who spent the evening trying to hide from the thunderstorms, and then my Dad who wants his taxes done. Now. Well okay, he wants them no later than Monday.

So guess what I had the pleasure of doing tonight? That's right - taxes. While the rest of the world was doing much more interesting things, I sat up here crunching numbers. Then I realized that - shocker!- I didn't print out a copy of my own return when I mailed it in months ago and needed some information from it for some admissions stuff at school. So I had to recreate my tax return as well. I really don't see how tax people can survive this time of year without going nuts. But rest assured, Daddy's taxes are all done and I'll drop them by their house tomorrow morning so that he can meet his own personal deadline.

So let this serve as my public safety announcement for the month: You now have 3 days to file your taxes if you live in the states. Get out there and git her done already!

Until the next installment (which hopefully won't be at 1:33 am),

The Momster

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The Source said...

Taxes done, refund spent. New windows. Lots of new windows.