Monday, April 14, 2008

I wish I was a minimalist....

After spending a good portion of my day yesterday cleaning out my desk and the family room in general, it hit me. Sitting in the floor, surrounded by tax returns - I wish I was a minimalist.

In general, my definition of a minimalist is simple. It's not all about being feng shui - it's just about living with less. Less stuff to clutter up rooms, clutter up drawers, and clutter up my time by having to clean it.

Have you noticed I have a theme lately?

I am so over trying to keep everything in its place. I worry that as my classes get more complex, things here are really going to get out of hand. I miss the days where my world turned on its axis and everything was neat and tidy. Now, things like the teacher telling my daughter to remind me to send out a note about the CRCT test snacks throws my simple life into an uproar. I had my afternoon planned out and now I have to get all cutesy and creative? I can't send an email - when my computer crashed, all of the names and email addresses crashed with it.

And speaking of the CRCT testing... I think it's wrong. It's not a tool to judge your child's ability and their knowledge. The tests are spoon fed to the kids more often than not. I think in reality it's used as a grading tool to see how the teacher fairs in teaching the material. I've brought this topic up in many classes and nobody has been able to argue the opposite of my opinion to anyone's (especially my) satisfaction.

Boy, where did this come from? Maybe I should sign off now and think more about less. After all, isn't that the minimalist way?

Until the next time....
The Momster

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The Source said...

Don't worry about designing a cute note to send home. Just print address labels with "Send Snacks Now" on them and slap them on the kids. :)