Saturday, April 12, 2008

Did you hear the one...

about Larry the Cable Guy? Apparently he has lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. See the video here. My goodness, if he can do it, what's the hold up with the rest of the world???? At first I thought this was a joke when I got a link about it, but it's true - and he even tucks in his shirt!!! LOL

So things around here are crazy, as normal. I blew my plan to finish getting the house cleaned out/up. Tomorrow I have to seriously work at getting things back in order. I'm just lacking the proper motivation apparently. I should be working on it now, but no - I'd rather sit here at the computer with my back to the rest of the room while the family is watching Surf's Up in another room. I'm supposed to be writing a paper about the evolution of the church and state during the middle ages. Yeah, right. On the upside, I have only 5 days of school left, and then 2 days that I have to drive back down to take my finals. I'm so excited to almost be free!

I checked earlier today and the university has all of my transcripts now. From what I've read, they make admission decisions sometime between April and late July. I decided to snoop a little on their website and discovered that I can log into some of their student only areas, so maybe that's a sign that I'm on the short list to being accepted. I can't decide if I should really look anywhere else or wait to hear from them. When I talked to one of the administrators at the school months ago she felt pretty positive that I'd get accepted and I would much rather go to this school.

Aside from that, not much to report. I hope that you're having a wonderful weekend in your corner of cyberspace.

The Momster


Scrappy Girl said...

I woke up yesterday morning to a home that did not really have to be cleaned. Just a couple loads of laundry. This morning is another story. How do we do it?

The Source said...

I know...I saw about Larry the Cable Guy! But I don't know if I could eat only what they send. What if I wanted something else?? That's a big problem for me! I want what everyone else is having.

Good luck on getting into the school! I know they'll want you.