Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parents Who Have Problems...

First, let me start out by making the following statement:

I do not believe it is necessary to have a big celebration at school for the fifth grade students who are 'graduating' and moving across the street to the Middle School next year. I don't see the point - I mean, yes I understand it's a milestone - but our school has this tendency to overdo everything. It's insane.

That said, we seem to have a lot of turmoil going on at the school. I've been asked by three room parents about the end of the year festivities. I had already asked the grade coordinator if there was anything she needed done, my "duty" per say. She told me that she was going to select a group of parents to work on the end of the year festivities, so that has been my blanket answer when asked.

Monday night a parent that I have known since The Doodlebug was in preschool called to ask me what was going on. I gave her the traditional "it's all being handled" speech. I didn't know what else to say. Do I think her feelings were hurt? Yes. Would mine be hurt in the same situation? You betcha. She did the next best thing when we got off the phone - she called the grade coordinator - who is in charge - and was told the same thing and the 'if I need you I'll let you know'.

Why do I let this bother me? Is it because in the mist of parents getting all tweaked off I might actually get my feelings hurt, too? More than likely - oh heck, it's actually already happened. I'm just here to do what I've been asked to do. Because while I might not 'get the big picture' about this stuff, my daughter is excited beyond belief about 'graduation'. So I will do what is asked of me and I will ask the parents who I know want to help to help with the student pages that will go in the hallway. Do I feel 'special' because I was included in the planning (if you want to call it that - we were just told what we would be doing)? No. I know why I was there. They know what they need done and somehow the bulk of it has landed on me. I'm just a pawn -a worker bee if you will. I'm the parent who does these sorts of things and the grade coordinator knows it.

I'm not the parent who is out there trying to befriend all the other kids' parents. This isn't high school and I'm not running for Homecoming Queen! I'm the parent who usually tries to take care of what's mine. Do I gossip? Yeah, who doesn't? Am I malicious? No. I think the overall opinion of me at school is that I am nice to the students and I try to help out where I am needed. Do I think things are being handled in a way not to hurt others feelings? No. Can I change it? No. What can I do about it? Nothing. Aside from asking parents who want to help to help me with what we are doing for the hallway, I have no control. This is one reason why I gave up being grade coordinator after the third grade. Parents can be vicious and others can be lazy and I could never find that group that was the happy middle ground. If I did, the vicious ones always scared them away.

That said, I am going to sit back and do what is asked of me while I try to work the next few weeks until school gets out. I'm going to be in one of the fifth grade classes and my concern there is just trying to make sure that we get to review whatever they've learned in math this year because I know how hard middle school math can be. And after the graduation, I hope to be able to take the memories and the pictures and the stuff and just have good memories about what has happened. It's all that I can do. That, and pray.

Sorry this post is so 'heavy' but I just needed to get this off my chest.

First Final...

Heading to campus extremely early this morning to take my first final - Psychology. Wish me luck!

Later today - news about the mess that is going on at school surrounding the fifth grader graduation events. People and control issues - boy!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally - the last week of classes!

Can you hear me shouting from the roof tops? I am so glad that I only have 3 more classes - 1 lecture and two exams and this semester will be finished. I was thinking about it today - I love school. I love learning. I just hate my commute. I already have the study guides for both exams, but since psychology comes first, I've been working on studying that one the most. I even found some time to read my notes on the field trip on Friday.

Speaking of the field trip - we had a wonderful time. We were able to have a picnic beside the Tennessee River and then we saw the movie "Sea Monsters" at the I-Max theatre. Definitely a neat experience! Next there was a scientist show and finally on to Ruby Falls. What an amazing place! To think that the water fall is there, but that they cannot determine where the water actually comes from - there is no stream at the top of the mountain...but it is beautiful. The walk back into the cave was interesting because at certain points, it could be considered a tight fit. Definitely not good for the claustrophobic! I have pictures to post later!

So I have just realized that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week here. Yikes. Completely forgot that one. I have no idea what we will do for the Doodlebug's teacher this week. I cannot for the life of me remember what we did last year or even the year before! How sad is that? I don't like doing something really big, instead we just do a small thinking of you type of item and I think we've usually done that about every day. I guess I need to get busy. In the meantime, anyone have any ideas to share?

And that's about it for me on this Sunday. It's been raining today and I really should get busy studying.

Until the next time...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Approaching the Weekend

In the wee hours of the morning we'll be heading to Tennessee with a couple of charter buses full of goofy preteens for a day long adventure. The Doodlebug is so excited I think she's going to have a hard time sleeping tonight! At first I was dreading it, but now I am really looking forward to going. I love going to Tennessee and even though we aren't going to the mountains, it should still be a lot of fun. I'm going as a chaperone and have a great group of kids that I'll be in charge of tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting a lot of good pictures on our trip to put in her scrapbook.

There are moments when it really hits me that she is growing up. She's getting so tall! We were checking and realized that she's grown about 7 inches in the past two years. I think the biggest growth spurt I ever had was growing 3 inches during the school year once. She's so excited about going to middle school next year. I think she's going to have a wonderful time because if there is one thing I've realized about her these past few months - she's fearless. She takes on every task with vibrato. She has a zest for life that keeps me in stitches most afternoons. I'm so glad to be able to spend so much time with her.

Not much else going on. Counting down the time till McDreamy comes on tonight - I hear his new love interest isn't going to last and he and Meredith will be back together soon. And I can't wait to see what's going on with my favorite castaways - I cannot believe The Source doesn't watch the shows! Shame shame shame!

So, until the next time - have a Fantastic Friday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who I Am....

There's a little story behind the reason that I am The Momster. See, one day we were at Walmart and The UIC and The Doodlebug were playing around in the toy section, because in reality, I am raising two children instead of one. But I digress... I went looking for them and when I turned the corner, The Doodlebug said "Oh no - it's The Momster" and it was just one of those things that made us all laugh. Henceforth, when we are at the store and my two children have gone off to play and see what trouble they can get into - I am The Momster.

Aside from that, I am almost finished with school this semester and it feels so good to almost be done! I have one last day of lectures and then two finals and hopefully I'll have the summer off to frolic and play.

Doodlebug's year is on the wind down as well and she's very excited. I went to a meeting yesterday that was about the end of the year celebration for the students. I have been assigned the task of coming up with some hallway decoration involving childhood pictures of the kids. I'm looking for ideas, so if anybody has an idea or knows of a good website to check out, I'd love to hear about it. I'm thinking since it's so late in the game that our best bet would be to do something like a scrapbook page...but how knows?

That's about it for me. Excited as all get out that Lost and Grey's come back on tomorrow night.

Until the next time....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day on Tuesday, April 22nd I wanted to share with you the link to more information about what we can do to help save the Earth.

What Can You Do at Home to Help the Earth?

Also, tonight watching TV a PSA came on. Did you realize that just one aluminum can being recycled is enough to generate electricity for a computer or television for 3 hours? You can save a tree with every 4 foot stack of newspaper that you recycle. If every American recycled his or her newspaper once a week, we could save 36 million trees in a single year!

So Happy Earth Day -

Until the next time -
The Momster

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gas Prices and the Price of Milk

My humor has been editing - this is what happens when you type while at school!

Just a quick post before I head off to class. So, I know you are sitting there thinking.... what is she thinking about today? Well, let me relieve your anxiety and just tell you. Gas and milk. Not how milk gives certain people gas....but the fact that the rising gas prices inflate the cost of everything else in the universe, including milk.

Driving down my 2,923 mile drive to campus (I swear, I feel like I should be in California by now) and chatting with my friend "D" I happened to notice how much gas has gone up since Friday afternoon. Heck, it's up almost 15 cents a gallon. Then the lovely morning radio voice informs me that gas is going to probably go up 30 to 40 cents over the next 4 weeks!! You've got to be kidding me, right? I mean, in my not too distant memory I can actually remember paying around $1.14 for a gallon of the good stuff. Now I'm forking out $3.58 for low grade gas? It's costing a fortune to fill up the Momstermobile. My cross country drive to campus isn't helping. I mean, how are we supposed to be able to afford milk, eggs and bread with the rate that gas keeps increasing??? I even noticed that the price of eating out at Chickfila is on the rise. Now I just can't have that happening. A girl on a diet deserves a chicken sandwich and a sweet tea without having to break the bank, right?

So, I'm curious - what are the average prices for milk, eggs, bread and gas in your area? Are the gas prices going to have a big influence on your summer vacation plans? I'm telling myself that I'd better buckle down with the CLEP so that I don't have to drive all the way to campus every day this summer.

Until the next time -

The Momster

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Feel Just Like Molly Ringwald...

In "Sixteen Candles". My husband forgot today was my birthday. He'll be eating Alpo for a week.

Not that I'm holding a grudge or anything. I just cannot believe it. He has been gone all day and then he came home and The Doodlebug and I were not here. She said something like "I bet Daddy has a surprise for you when we get home". I thought "Yeah right - he's forgotten".... half hoping I was wrong. But he forgot. I'd been home maybe 30 minutes and my sister called to wish me a happy birthday and he heard us on the phone.

I'll get over it - but I'm disappointed. Not that I expected some big hoopla - we generally just do something simple. I wonder if he likes his Alpo with extra chunky sauce?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What a Wednesday

This morning my mother called before 7. My sister's husband was involved in a horrible accident on his way to work. My sister knew nothing more than he was in the trauma unit at the hospital and he had asked for them to call her.

He apparently was clipped and hit the wall and then flipped his car three times. They had to cut him out of the car and rushed him to the hospital. He's lucky to even be alive. From what I know, he has broken his shoulder but I'm not sure of the details beyond that. He cannot drive or basically do anything for weeks. She said that he was covered in glass from head to toe and that he is aching all over.

I called the UIC - he works a few blocks from the hospital and asked him to walk over and see how everything was going. He called me back soon after and said he had gotten in touch with Judi on his walk over and she had basically said not to come. I had talked to her in the meantime and she basically said the same thing. I thought it was a generous move on the UIC's part to leave work to go and be with her.

Truth be known, my BIL is in a spiritual crisis of sorts. It's been going on for quite a number of years now. It's ruining their marriage and his relationship with his children. I'm afraid that the children have been involved in it too much. But you know, you never see these things when they are happening. It's the after effect that everyone has to live with. My family (mom,dad, hubs, and I) don't hate him. We hate what is happening to them. It's a very touchy subject with my parents and they would rather avoid any confrontation on this front. I did send her an email after some things were said and told her that we don't hate him, we hate the situation that they are in and the tension that all of this has caused.

Should I have done this? I don't know. But I am not the type of person who hates people. I don't like to think the things that she has probably said to him the past few years about how any of us feel about their situation. I worry about the stress and turmoil this is causing to their two children. Because once you tell a child something about their parent, you can never take it back.

How do you deal with family? Either way, please keep them in your prayers.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a cheery day :)

The Momster

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Patience is a Virtue, Young Grasshopper

This morning I am waiting for the installation technician from the cable company. For years we have had satellite TV but with the switch in February 09 (I feel like a commercial now) to broadcasting digital signals rather than analog, 3 of our TVs would require converter boxes. So, we checked around and decided to switch some of the services here at home, one being the TV, to save a little money and get all of the TVs online. And now I'm waiting. Not that it's a problem - but to know me is to know that I suffer immense cabin fever if I have to be at home all day.

Not that the time is being wasted. I've cleaned. I've put everything back in the downstairs closet that got a shelving upgrade this weekend. Now it holds all of my extra appliances and the movies and games that usually end up downstairs in that closet anyway - but the difference is, now you can see the floor! And plus it's all nice and pretty with freshly painted walls so a girl's gotta be happy. But alas, my afternoon plans have been derailed. I need to get my emissions test done today and I planned on taking the Doodlebug shopping after school. Because even though we've had freezing temperatures the past two mornings, I need some cute shoes to wear with capris. And I need to go to the store to get pancake fixings for her "CRCT Breakfast of Champions" (as the UIC calls it) and I need to get snacks to send in for the class. Don't these people realize how important I am? LOL

Nothing much else going on. Looking forward to seeing the finale of The Biggest Loser tonight. Normally I don't watch it, but this season I find myself checking in more and more to see what's going on and who's lost what.

I hope things are good in your corner of the world...and that you aren't spending your day waiting...and waiting....and waiting on someone :)

Until the next time,
The Momster

Monday, April 14, 2008

I wish I was a minimalist....

After spending a good portion of my day yesterday cleaning out my desk and the family room in general, it hit me. Sitting in the floor, surrounded by tax returns - I wish I was a minimalist.

In general, my definition of a minimalist is simple. It's not all about being feng shui - it's just about living with less. Less stuff to clutter up rooms, clutter up drawers, and clutter up my time by having to clean it.

Have you noticed I have a theme lately?

I am so over trying to keep everything in its place. I worry that as my classes get more complex, things here are really going to get out of hand. I miss the days where my world turned on its axis and everything was neat and tidy. Now, things like the teacher telling my daughter to remind me to send out a note about the CRCT test snacks throws my simple life into an uproar. I had my afternoon planned out and now I have to get all cutesy and creative? I can't send an email - when my computer crashed, all of the names and email addresses crashed with it.

And speaking of the CRCT testing... I think it's wrong. It's not a tool to judge your child's ability and their knowledge. The tests are spoon fed to the kids more often than not. I think in reality it's used as a grading tool to see how the teacher fairs in teaching the material. I've brought this topic up in many classes and nobody has been able to argue the opposite of my opinion to anyone's (especially my) satisfaction.

Boy, where did this come from? Maybe I should sign off now and think more about less. After all, isn't that the minimalist way?

Until the next time....
The Momster

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Did you hear the one...

about Larry the Cable Guy? Apparently he has lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. See the video here. My goodness, if he can do it, what's the hold up with the rest of the world???? At first I thought this was a joke when I got a link about it, but it's true - and he even tucks in his shirt!!! LOL

So things around here are crazy, as normal. I blew my plan to finish getting the house cleaned out/up. Tomorrow I have to seriously work at getting things back in order. I'm just lacking the proper motivation apparently. I should be working on it now, but no - I'd rather sit here at the computer with my back to the rest of the room while the family is watching Surf's Up in another room. I'm supposed to be writing a paper about the evolution of the church and state during the middle ages. Yeah, right. On the upside, I have only 5 days of school left, and then 2 days that I have to drive back down to take my finals. I'm so excited to almost be free!

I checked earlier today and the university has all of my transcripts now. From what I've read, they make admission decisions sometime between April and late July. I decided to snoop a little on their website and discovered that I can log into some of their student only areas, so maybe that's a sign that I'm on the short list to being accepted. I can't decide if I should really look anywhere else or wait to hear from them. When I talked to one of the administrators at the school months ago she felt pretty positive that I'd get accepted and I would much rather go to this school.

Aside from that, not much to report. I hope that you're having a wonderful weekend in your corner of cyberspace.

The Momster

Not Enough Hours...

In the day. Maybe my six sentence epitaph should say "Not Enough Hours In Her Day".

Today is one of those days where you feel like you're being pulled in all sorts of directions. There's the house to clean, the friends who call to chat, the family to take care of, the self to take care of, the fur ball who spent the evening trying to hide from the thunderstorms, and then my Dad who wants his taxes done. Now. Well okay, he wants them no later than Monday.

So guess what I had the pleasure of doing tonight? That's right - taxes. While the rest of the world was doing much more interesting things, I sat up here crunching numbers. Then I realized that - shocker!- I didn't print out a copy of my own return when I mailed it in months ago and needed some information from it for some admissions stuff at school. So I had to recreate my tax return as well. I really don't see how tax people can survive this time of year without going nuts. But rest assured, Daddy's taxes are all done and I'll drop them by their house tomorrow morning so that he can meet his own personal deadline.

So let this serve as my public safety announcement for the month: You now have 3 days to file your taxes if you live in the states. Get out there and git her done already!

Until the next installment (which hopefully won't be at 1:33 am),

The Momster

Friday, April 11, 2008

What Motivates You To....

Clean? I mean, is it that company is coming? Maybe you grew up in a messy house? Or do you care at all if your house is clean or not?

Do you consider yourself to be organized? I mean, does everything have a purpose and everything have a place? Or is your life in the constant state of array where you have a hard time finding the car keys?

Do you shop a lot? Do you shop for need or for want? I'll admit, before becoming a Mom, I shopped for want. It was a hobby. Every weekend I seemed to visit Macys for something.

If I can find my old planner, I'll share with you a comic that the UIC cut out for me many, many years ago. It's about cleaning. It's hilarious.

Until then, here's an interesting website about cleaning Organized Home. Then there's always Flylady but she's a little bit too intense for me. I mean, I don't wanna get up in the morning and put my shoes on no matter how much sense it makes.

So please leave a comment - I'm curious what drives your cleaning .....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Along the Road

Joy at the start
Fear in the journey
Joy in the coming home
A part of the heart
Gets lost in the learning
Somewhere along the road.
Along the road
Your path may wander
A pilgrim’s faith may fail
Absence makes the heart grow stronger
Darkness obscures the trail.
Cursing the quest
Courting disaster
Measureless nights forebode
Moments of rest
Glimpses of laughter
Are treasured along the road.
Along the road
Your steps may tumble
Your thoughts may start to stray
But through it all a heart held humble
Levels and lights your way.
Joy at the start
Fear in the journey
Joy in the coming home
A part of the heart
Gets lost in the learning
Somewhere along the road
Somewhere along the road
Somewhere along the road.

Girls Gone Wild

Today The Doodlebug and I are going to the mall. That is if she ever wakes up. She asked me last night if we could go, as it is something we have been planning on doing all week. I know this means another trip to Build A Bear which is fine with me. I love going in there, too.

It appears the UIC has spoiled the cat. He had the habit of giving her tuna every morning when he came home - I think it was a bribe to make her like him more. Well, it worked. Every morning when I head into the kitchen, there she sits. It's about the only time she meows at us.

And some good news, I've lost about 5 lbs! Yeah me! This is actually big news because, even though I made the resolution to lose weight back in January, I've lacked the real motivation to try to do something. Well, this week I've started all over again. I'm being really good about watching what I eat, counting my calories and keeping a food journal. I'm trying, at least right now, to get in some walking every other day.

I hope you had the chance to watch The Last Lecture special on ABC last night. I do believe his words have the effect to change people's lives if they will just listen. Just remember, you have to decide if you are a Tigger or an Eeyore.

Until the next time...
The Momster

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday

He left for the Army this morning - This is how I think of him even though he's a 24 year old man now...

We love our Joseph. God's speed young man.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Important to Have Specific Dreams....

Have you heard of Randy Pausch? He was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He is 47 years old and has been diagnosed with cancer. Back in August, he was given 3 to 6 months to live.

Carnegie Mellon had him do a final lecture, part of a series actually that they used to do called The Last Lecture. I'm ad libbing here, but basically the idea was, if a Professor could give a final lecture, what would it be based on? What words of wisdom would you choose to pass along to your audience? Well, Randy Pausch did just that. You can watch it on youtube. The first time I had heard of him, he did a condensed version of the lecture on Oprah. The book is available today.

I'm just sitting here thinking about how hard it would be to decide what those final bits of wisdom would be that you would want to leave behind if you knew you were dying. If you have time, look for his speech here. Or look here, he has a website with all sorts of information, including some information about an ABC special Wednesday, April 9th at 10 pm. God bless him, he is using his life I believe to try to teach us all a lesson on the importance of living.

Do not fear death, but rather the unlived life - Tuck Everlasting

The Momster

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Music Mania

Last night we had to have a talk with the Doodlebug about music. Mostly about the types of music that are appropriate and those that are not appropriate. The UIC was really coming down hard on her - and granted, she is only 10 - about some stuff she had been listening to while on the computer.

And it made me think back to when I was young. Much younger. While my friends were just discovering things like Duran Duran, I had been listening to college radio stations for years. I liked all sorts of music and I listened to anything from AC/DC to Debbie Gibson. I started thinking... I wonder what on earth my parents thought about my musical tastes when I was a kid? I mean, my sister worked at the mall. On Thursday nights, I would set out some of my allowance with a note about what record to get for me before she came home the next night.

When I got older I was in the band. You couldn't be my father's daughter and not play some sort of musical instrument. So my weapon of choice was the saxophone. Because they wouldn't agree to let me play the drums. This picture is from marching band practice. I'll think about the days that we spent outside, marching on the field, in our bare feet and I'll think when did I become this old lady who never walks barefoot in the grass? But I digress...

When you think about the music that the 'kids' listen to today, does it really seem that much more extreme than what we listened to in our time? Granted, there are a lot more explicit lyrics and some of the subjects seem taboo, but are they really any worse than some of the things that Prince sang about??? Just a little food for thought.

Until the next time...

The "Rockin" Momster

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Links 2 Share

Just two websites that I enjoy looking at when I'm trying to be conscious about saving money on groceries. And let's face it, with milk and eggs going up as much as they have recently, we could all use a little help with the grocery bill.

Coupon Mom - This is a great website that is updated regularly with the local sales and information about if there is a coupon available. It is also great about letting you know any items that charities accept and often times you can get things for free if you combine the sale and the coupon. The creator has been on Good Morning America numerous times.

My Grocery Deals - Another great site that I've just found recently. It will organize for you the local sales in your area... makes shopping so much easier.

And last but not least, if you have a Kroger nearby, they are doing a promotion where they call it the Mega Item sale - like we bought 10 Gatorades for the UIC - and because we used our Kroger Plus card, we got them for only 50 cents each. There are a lot of items like that throughout the store, but you have a limit of 3 'cash backs' per transaction. So needless to say, I have like 30 Gatorades in the bottom of the pantry. But it beats him paying a dollar or more for them at the ball park!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Until the next time....
The Momster

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life In The Little League Lane

Surely make you lose your mind - I apologize to the Eagles for stealing their melody there. Ball season is in full swing here and let me tell you, there should be some sort of compensation package for the wives and husbands who volunteer their time and talents to the fields. I'll confess, I never really gave much thought to the volunteers when I went to my nephew's games when he was little. I never stopped to think about the people 'behind the scenes' who tried to make things run as smoothly as possible for the kids who played ball. Well, then I grew up and married one of those volunteers. I never realized how much work it took to make everything run smoothly and to make sure everything is coordinated so that the schedule stays on target and all the kiddies get to play.

My husband is one of those people who believes that every child has the right to play ball if that's what they want to do. As I am typing this, I can hear him outside having a conversation with someone regarding just that. Every kid should have a chance at the bat. Every kid should have a chance to warm the bench, too. Sure, each team is going to have an all-star player. But there are those kids who are there because they love them game - who may not be that great at the sport. They deserve just as much play time as the hot shot with the golden arm or that one with the wicked swing.

When the Doodlebug played softball, she was awesome. That's not just a mother's opinion, that was the general opinion at the field. She was an awesome pitcher for her team and she had a wickedly good swing. Did her Dad play her a lot? Absolutely. Did she ever sit on the bench so that other kids could give it a shot? You betcha. And she completely understood. Never pitched a fit. Never pouted. Instead she'd look at me with those big blue eyes and mouth "French Fries PLEASE". Ah, the words that melt a mother's heart.

So I guess the moral of this story is, next time you're at a sporting event and you see the referee or the umpire or even the ladies who run the concession stand, realize that they are there because they love the game just as much as you. And the next time that kid gets called off the bench in the bottom of the fifth with the bases loaded and your first thought is "oh no!" just remember, that's somebody's child, too. Cheer them on - no matter what happens. After all, wouldn't the world be a much better place if we all got an 'at ta boy' every once in a while?

So until the next time, keep your eye on the ball...

The Momster

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Did anyone happen to see Oprah today with the pregnant man story? I missed the show, but just watched it online. I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on the subject if you know the back story. I find it all extremely odd.

Saw a cute shirt - Club Sandwiches Not Seals - I'm sorry, that just made me giggle.

Did you hear that some lake in South America has disappeared? Google it!

After tomorrow we only have 30 more school days! Yippee! Next week we have Spring Break!

My nephew leaves on Wednesday for his Army officer training. I still cannot believe that he's going into the military. What happened to the little boy who used to pull my hair?

My parents are both having some health concerns that have me very distracted. Not that it's an excuse, but I bombed on my history quiz yesterday. I think I got one question right out of 5. I'm very hard on myself about grades - I have always been that way. I'll have an exam in there on Wednesday so I'll have to redeem myself. The 15 page psychology study guide is unreal. We had a discussion about it before class yesterday. How anybody can randomly memorize that much material is beyond me. That exam is Monday. May 1st is not coming soon enough for me... I am ready for my summer vacation to begin!

I guess that's a good place to stop. Hope you've had a great day today. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

The Momster

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Note to My Professors

Please excuse my brain from attending class for the next month. I am exhausted. This psychology guide could only be completed by a person who did not eat, sleep, bathe or potty for maybe 72 hours straight. And in regards to my history assignment, I'm a big girl - I don't need to do writing assignments 'for practice'. I've already been this route lady - I have the paper thingy in a frame over my desk. I've passed on the required Regents paper writing and I even aced the GACE so thanks but no thanks. Contrary to what you might think, I'm not here for phits and siggles... ( lol - I do not want to be labeled a potty mouth - but I am doing my Austin Powers imitation here). I do not care that Monk Peter Abelard fell in love with the priest of Notre Dome's niece and secretly married her, put her in a convent and was castrated when the priest found out what he had done. Well, okay - that was sort of the "General Hospital" effect on Medivel Monasticism. And the Crusades? Please - we have PTO parents who make these Knights of England look like Barney, Baby Bop and BJ just hanging out on the swingset.

Okay, I feel so much better getting that off my chest. Now if only I can stay awake during the history lecture tomorrow...

Tune in to see if I actually make it!

The Momster

Tuesday, April 1st - April Fool's Day

Good morning world. Here I sit - surrounded by notes on the Medieval Monasticms & The Crusades in the Middle Ages. In other words, I'm typing my notes from my history class. One thing that I have learned about myself - if I take notes, and then come home and type them, for some reason I remember the information rather well. So here's what's on the agenda for today:
  1. Type Notes
  2. Pull Information for the 15 page study guide for Psychology - yes 15 pages!!!
  3. Go out to eat with my Mom and then go shopping with her to pick up a few things!
  4. Clean the kitchen.
  5. Clean the living room
  6. Vacuum the stairs - I HATE doing this.

The rest of the week is going to be rather busy. I have to start studying for my exams next week and I'm working Thursday and Friday. I did start reading the Biology textbook last night while The Doodlebug was at Karate. I've requested a couple of books from the county library system and hopefully they'll be there in a few days. Oh, and have you ever seen Tuck Everlasting? She read it last week so we borrowed the movie on Friday and watched in Saturday. It was such a good movie. I told her this weekend we'll watch Bridge to Terabithia since she read that one earlier this year. Right now she's working her way through a Judy Blume novel. I loved JB growing up so I'm really glad that she's reading her work.

Well let me turn my attention back to the Lay Investiture of the Middle Ages ... hope you have a wonderful day in your corner of the world.

The Momster