Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome to Wednesday!

Where does the week go? Not that I'm complaining this week. This just means there are seven more groggy mornings until The Doodlebug's spring break begins. That makes us both extremely happy.

Our community has experienced a tragic loss this week. On Easter Sunday, a student at the local middle school passed away. He was only 14. He has a little brother who attends the Doodlebug's school and he is actually in a classroom where I do a lot of subbing. My heart goes out to this family. My mother tells me that, as a parent, you naturally expect to leave this earth before your never expect to be here when they are gone. Please, if you have a moment, ask for God's peace and love to fill this grieving family at this difficult time.

But I do have some good news. The UIC is going back to his regular 'job' on Monday. That means no more of this wierd shift stuff that's been going on. I hope that management has accomplished whatever they set out to do with this crazy idea. I'll just be glad to have things back to normal. The Doodlebug is thrilled beyond words when he told her "only 2 more days" this morning.

Some other good news - I have heard from the University. I am now stalking their website to check the status of my application. I feel pretty good about my prospects of being accepted, but then again, it doesn't pay to get the cart before the horse. I love sayings like that!

And with that said, I need to get going and make it to my history class this morning. Where I hope that I do not fall asleep - the lectures after a while begin to sound like the teacher in the Charlie Brown specials.

Have a lovely day! Until the next time...

The Momster

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