Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I know it's a little early to talk about Spring. I mean, we just had snow on Saturday. It's like Murphy's Law - if you live in the south, if it snows, it must be March! But my mind is thinking of spring. I went shopping today to pick up some "Jellies" for the Doodlebug. I love seeing all the spring colors that are out in the stores. All the pastel colors and the new white shoes. As much as I love winter, I love discovering the new things of Spring.

I have to come up with a craft for my daughter's class. 25 kids. Boys and girls ranging in age from 10-12. I have no ideas. It needs to be something to do at an Easter party. Why is it if someone asks me for an idea, I usually have plenty. But if I need to come up with something, I'm stumped? It doesn't help that the party is next Friday either. I have got to get on the ball! Any ideas?

Now for the drama - My niece KK, who just turned 19, is away at college. She rooms in a dorm with her cousin from my BIL's side of the family. Her roomie Lauren is a couple of days younger than KK. Anyway, at Christmas KK told me that they were going to get an apartment for next year. Apparently KK found out that Lauren has gone out with some other girls and gotten an apartment for next year and has completely left KK out in the dark. She is heartbroken. Her Mom called our Mom and told her about it, and Mom turned around and called me. I feel so sorry for my niece. I wish there was something I could say to make it better for her. Most of the friends that she has made at college this year are 'locals' so they live at home and take classes during the day. KK has a boyfriend, and I'll be honest, I think that Lauren is into him and is jealous. I think she's being spiteful to KK and it really does make me mad. I can't imagine doing this to someone and I can't imagine how KK must feel. I'm so glad to know that my parents at least raised their children to be better people than this!

And Doodlebug drama. She has been invited to a party this weekend. And her best friend "A" has not. And "A" and the person having the party, I thought, were pretty good friends. "A" is upset about not being invited and the Doodlebug is feeling conflicted about going. Apparently "S", the birthday girl, could only invite a limited number of friends. And when one couldn't come, she invited someone else ... completely overlooking "A". The Doodlebug doesn't really 'know' the other people who will be there. There's an odd number of invitees, which in my opinion is a mistake - just like 3 people can't be best friends, in the spend the night world, you cannot have an odd number of people - someone's always left out. So I told the Doodlebug to think about what she really wants to do. To be honest, since she's been sick, I really don't want her to be gone overnight right now. Thoughts? Opinions? Oh, and her other best friend "N" isn't invited either. And in reference to the 3s don't work - I know what I am talking about.... they have to work out a 'contract' on who can hang out when - it's crazy. But someone always gets their feelings hurt? Does any of this make sense? Blah....

I think I should stop here. Hope you had a terrific Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!

Until next time....

The Momster

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Ryzmomplus2 said...

that's so sad for your niece! Girls can be so mean sometimes! Did you figure out your Easter project yet?