Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some things....

Just some random things about me -----

1. I hate the time change... I don't care if we are falling back or springing forward, this stuff seriously messes me up. I feel like I go around in a fog for a good month just adjusting to this mess.

2. I don't like myspace... sorry - but I think myspace is the singles bars of the 80s. Everyone I know that has a myspace is trying to hook up with someone. I reserve the right to change my mind about this, but right now I don't like it.

3. I have a 20 year reunion coming up this fall... and I am not going. I see enough people from high school just when there's a family event at my daughter's school. And I don't live in the same town where I grew up! So I'm not going. No matter how much my friend posts about it on her myspace!

4. I am a Christian. I believe in one God. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he died on the cross to forgive me of my sins. I celebrate his birth ,his death and resurrection. I pray. I believe that there is immense power in praying to God for help and for healing.

5. I always wanted to have 3 children. And a horse. Not necessarily in that order. But I'm happy with what God gave me. I consider myself lucky to have the Doodlebug in my life.

6. I think that Winnie the Pooh is the most adorable Disney character ever. Meeting him in 2001 was the highlight of my vacation to Disney. I even got to say "I've waited my whole life to meet you!" - cheesy, but true. BTW, he is not the Doodlebug's favorite character.

7. I still sing the vocal scales that I learned in sixth grade. I always made a perfect score on my All-State Choir auditions. While I can sing and play the saxophone, I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar and piano. I've sang solos at church. I've sang in quartets and also duets. I was always pulled to sing at any time that someone wasn't available at church.

That's about all I can think of right now. I'm just relieved that the Doodlebug was doing well enough to return to school this morning. Last week was really rough.

Until next time....


The Source said...

Oooh. We have some things in common! I despise the time change for what it does to my kids. It makes them scatterbrained for weeks! Also, I don't care for going to my 20th reunion. And I can play the piano, but I don't sing well at all.

WomensDaily said...

I hate the time change. Although this time I decided to use it to my advantage. I've been trying to get up an hour earlier so as soon as the time change hit, instead of getting up at 8am I get up at 7am so it felt like I was getting up at 8. :)