Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready to P A R T Y

I never thought I would say this - but I think I am ready for the classroom party tomorrow. I must admit, everything has turned out really cute. The Bunny Bingo cards are all laminated and ready for play. For the markers, I punched little bunnies out of pink and white cardstock that I had laying around. The calling pieces are bigger bunnies - so as you can tell, it was a die cut kind of day around here. The prizes for the bingo are my favorites though. We've got cheetos, jelly beans, some kind of sour spray stuff and rock candy. They are all packaged in Wilton decorator bags and tied up with green curling ribbon and right now are nestled in an Easter basket with a number attached that coordinates with a number that is in a plastic egg. If they kiddos win bingo, they get to pick and egg...then I get to pick their prize out of the basket - so they won't know what they are getting.

I have been contemplating if I should go so far as to have them play "pin the tail on the rabbit". LOL I told The Doodlebug since it's there last party - I'm just not sure. We'll have to see what I decide either tonight or in the morning. I'm really hoping that Bingo and Ice Cream Sundaes bar will be enough to keep them all entertained. I'm also going to raise the stakes a little and make them 'shift' in their chairs after a few rounds of Bingo. I'm going to put a bunny under a few chairs and those people get an extra prize. So we'll see how it goes. I need to go back downstairs and take some pictures of what I've done for prosperity. I might ask the UIC to come along tomorrow afternoon and help with the party so that I am free to take lots of pictures. My favorite part.

I'm off to watch Lost - I had to tape it tonight so I'm stalling till it goes off so that I can catch up! Hope you've all had a thrilling Thursday!

As always,
The Momster

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