Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Musings and Accelerated Readers

Good Monday morning! I am sitting at the library on campus this morning, because I always get here way too early. And since I do that, I decided to get some work done. I have a professor who is wonderful and she puts all of her lecture slides on her website, so I've been printing them out so that I don't have to do that at home.

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day. We had great weather here in the south - it was a bit windy, but still nice. Saturday my mother, The Doodlebug and I went to my parents' home town for a visit. Considering we spent practically the entire day in the car, we all had a great time. When my mother goes to visit with my Dad, he likes to rush, rush, rush. So we decided to take our time and we drove out to where my Mom's family used to live when she was a little girl and then the house that they lived in when she was growing up and until she graduated from high school. She shared some wonderful (and funny) stories with me. We also visited a local apple orchard and had fried apple pies, which reminded me so much of my Grandma Hattie's apple pies. We bought one to bring home to Daddy and the UIC as well. They are lucky that they made it home - we kept talking about eating them! We also drove out to the lake which is a part of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Doodlebug found it fascinating that they use the Toccoa River to produce electricity, and that by the time it reaches that town, it's been used 9 times already for power. The water was a gorgeous turquoise blue - it was just a wonderful site to see considering how low the lakes have been from the drought.

And now it's time for a rant. Why is it that schools push the Accelerated Reader program on children? What happened to allowing them to develop a love of literature on their own? I don't remember ever feeling so much pressure to read, read, read! I love to read - it is one of my absolute favorite pass times. They make it such a chore that I am surprised children today read at all! With that said, The Doodlebug is down to the wire trying to complete so many books this year - and she is really far behind. She just read "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" and loved it though. It's below her reading level, but it met the page number criteria and she really enjoyed it - it was also a favorite of mine when I was a little girl. I'm going by the library on my way home to get her "Tuck Everlasting" to start next. I have always wanted to see this movie, so now I'll have an excuse once she finishes the book. Which makes me wonder, what were some of your favorite stories growing up? Please feel free to share - we are desperate to find her some interesting stories to read.

Tonight we have Karate - did I mention that she was promoted last week? She was sooo excited when she came out of the classroom - there was a grin from ear to ear - and there I was, without my camera to capture the moment.

Well, I have to rush off to History - want to go for me? Until the next time -----

The Momster

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I tried to leave a comment a minute ago, but it disappeared. I'll wait a few minutes and see if it shows up! And by the way Congrats to the Karate Kid!!Way to go, girl!