Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life As I Know It....

My life is slowly returning to normal. The UIC is no longer working nights - can you hear the choir singing? It's something that we have been looking forward to for a long time around here. Now, I just wonder how long it's going to take him to adjust to sleeping at night rather than during the day? The only one who might be bummed is his naptime buddy, Cinnamon. Apparently she's gotten quite fond of having someone to snooze with during the night and the day.

While I am glad he's going back on his normal routine, I must admit something. I'll sort of miss getting to have the bed all to myself. Or having someone who fixes lunches and gets breakfast ready while the Doodlebug and I are getting dressed in the mornings. Or those mornings when he stopped and got us all a Chickfila Chicken Biscuit for breakfast. But this may actually mean that I get to clean my house, on my own schedule, and get things back to normal around here! Which means I can vacuum when I want and make the bed!

We have one more week until the local school system is out for Spring Break. I am glad - the Doodlebug is thrilled. Even though we have nothing planned since I still have to commute to my classes, I think she's looking forward to sleeping late and having friends over and going shopping. Speaking of shopping, we went out to get cute shorts and tops yesterday and wouldn't you know it? Today is has been cold and windy...!

On a sad note, a parent who has a child at our school died last Thursday. The little girl lived with her mom and her grandparents and another sibling. The mom had a massive heart attack. It's been a hard year for third graders at school. One had a brother in Kindergarten pass away unexpectedly before Christmas, a week ago today another third grader's brother died unexpectedly and now this little third grader's mom is gone. Please say a prayer for these three families if you don't mind.

I hate to end on a sad note, but it leaves me speechless. I pray that God blesses you this week.

Until the next time....
The Momster

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The Source said...

There were a few little things I missed when the Hubby went back to full time day shift...sometimes he would bring breakfast from Waffle House...sometimes I would get back in bed with him after taking the kids to school. Things I didn't miss...having to tip toe around...keep the kids quiet all afternoon...his grouchy attitude. Oh wait, he still HAS that! :)

Sorry to hear about the mom who passed away.