Monday, March 31, 2008

The Last Day of March

Excuse me? Yes, you. Sitting there staring at the monitor. Got time for a question??? Where did the month of March go? I mean, it was just the end of February, and it was awkward with the leap year and all...but we are already at the last day of March? How is this possible? I need an explanation!!!

I feel like I've slept through the past month. It hit me this morning, I have to register for the summer semester today. My sign up time is 4:30 this afternoon. I have NO IDEA what to take. I mean, logically I have to sign up for my final two science classes - and the choices are limited - but I don't know what to take. And this just presses time further - now I have to commit myself to take the CLEP. I vowed at my parents' house last week that I would take the test by my birthday - which is less than a month from now. The Biology textbook is still sitting in the back of the car - I think I've moved it once....only because it was in my way. Notice how I said "moved" it rather than 'read' it or 'studied' it? That's got to change. I need to call my friend Jeff for reassurance that I can do this. I don't want to waste anymore time than I have to with school. I'm mean, I'm not exactly 19...the clock is literally ticking. At this rate, I'll start teaching about the time the UIC is ready to retire! And let's not forget how much I love my drive to campus. I don't want to drive to campus every day for a month solid just to take two science classes and then end up there on Saturdays for all day labs.

The weather is pretty rotten here today. The rains and wind blew into town late Saturday afternoonish - and the wind and the dreary has remained. It's like Eeyore weather outside. The UIC is back on days - talked to him on my drive. He said he actually slept last night and he's enjoying catching up with everyone. The Doodlebug is still at school and then we have Karate tonight. I'm thinking about signing her up for tennis this summer in addition to the karate. I used to play a lot of tennis BGF (before getting fat!) so maybe it'll make us all go back to the courts to play. And as for me, it looks like I have a lot of studying in my future. History quiz on Wednesday, Psychology exam next Monday and a History exam that Wednesday. I hate how they try to cram all this stuff in at the last minute....

Sort of like me with taking the CLEP. So hopefully next time you hear from me, I will have finished studying chapter one and be oh so knowledgeable about biology. But until that time, have a lovely un-Eeyore day where you are....

The Momster

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The Source said...

This month did seem to go by fast. But this entire YEAR is flying by. I think because you know, oldest graduating and all. Anyway, tomorrow will be Arpil Fool's Day and I LOVE pulling pranks on my twins!!