Friday, March 7, 2008

Is It Friday Already???

Wow, where did the week go? I mean seriously - I was just talking about Spring Break - and now I'm 'posed to be up here working on my paper that is due on Wednesday. Bummer.

On the homefront, The Doodlebug is still sick. In fact, we had to call the doctor's office this afternoon as it is day five and she is still running a fever. I had gone to the store to pick up a few necessary items and that's when they called back. But they talked to the UIC, which is good, because I think until this week, he never really grasped the idea of taking care of a sick child. And he has been the one who has been home with her while I worked this week. So when I got home, The Doodlebug had told me that they had called and the UIC informed me that they recommended that we bring her into the office Saturday morning. Which clearly means me, because he will be instructing at some baseball clinic tomorrow. So we'll get up tomorrow and drag ourselves to the office to see if they can finally tell us what's wrong. They did tell him that if it were a virus or the flu, she should start to feel better and the medicines should help take care of anything else - so time will tell what's really going on.

On the workfront, I did a little experiment today. We were talking about voting and living in a democracy and the whole process of voting in class. My students wanted to know if we could have a mock election so I said sure, at the end of the day, we'll vote. They wanted to vote on the presidential election. After explaining that we would vote for either Obama, Clinton or McCain, I started polling the class. McCain clearly won in a landslide over the other two with 78% of the votes and Obama and Clinton tied with 11% each. Then I explained how, in a true election, Hilary and Obama couldn't run on the Democratic party's ticket together, so we casted our "Super Friday" votes and they decided that Obama would win the party's nomination. Now, what was interesting about this discussion is that, if you stop and listen to what children say, you will hear the political and religious views of their parents. So clearly we have more Republican parents in this one room than Democrats.

On the slackermom front, I am going to spend the weekend taking sick people to the doctor. And cleaning up my house. And working on my psychology paper. And studying for a history quiz. And trying to study for the Biology CLEP exam. And trying to recover from feeling absolutely exhausted. Because we won't be hi karating tomorrow that's for sure...

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The Source said...

I hope she's feeling better! Drop me a note and let me know!