Friday, March 21, 2008

The Day That Was

Today has been a really good day. I am relieved that my last 'official' classroom party is done for the year. It turned out really well and for that I am grateful. The kids seemed to have a really good time playing BUNNY BINGO and The UIC came along with me and was the official caller for the game. All of the kids won a prize - we had 4 students who won two rounds of Bingo but unbelievably the Doodlebug won four times! Two rounds of BINGO and then when we did the 'magic eggs' on the bingo cards, she had one of them and when we did the bunnies under the desk, she won then too! The UIC and I were like 'this can't be happening...' and the adults said maybe we should let her pick out some lottery numbers for the week! But in the end, I had 6 prizes left over, so I put them all in a gift bag and let these 5 children reach in for a special 'treat' and they all seemed really happy. Oh yeah, the ice cream sundaes were a big hit too. We had to make them stop to get their sundaes - they kept wanting to play the game!

While I failed to take some pictures last night, I did snap this picture before everything began. This is the Easter basket that served as the garden. When the kids one a game, they had to hop to the front of the room (that part was FUNNY) and claim an egg and 'crack it'. Inside was a number, which coordinated with something growing in the garden. That was their prize. Here you see a Cheetos 'carrot'. They're made with the Wilton's cake decorating bags - I find that they come in so handy - cocoa cones at Christmas and last year I did the jelly bean ones for the students that I had while I did a long term sub job. I like how the grass helped to hide the prizes until it was time to 'pull' one from the garden.
PS) I forgot - to move the students from one bingo card to another, I read a version of the left-right story that I just changed a little to work for Easter, we played musical chairs (with Barney - what a hoot!) , we made them move their cards to the left player and finally they had to walk around while I said all 21 letters of my names! This worked out really well so that they all had a chance to win at different times - or so we thought - until the Doodlebug kept winning !

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The Source said...

You're very creative! Sounds like they had a wonderful party. One of my boys got so hyped up on Mountain Dew, cake and ice cream at his party that he gave away his treat bag to some other child. He was afraid he was going into sugar overload!