Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I lack in Motivation

I more than make up for in laziness. oh my green grapes, what is going on with me? When did I become this LAZY person? Here it is, three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon....the first Saturday in our winter break and I am sitting here, surfing blogs and thinking "gee, I really should get up and do this...." when I realize that I have been sitting here since 1:30! On the tushy, doing nothing. And I spin my comfy chair around to see the MESS that is behind me in this room. And when I say "mess" I don't mean a couple of magazines scattered on the coffee table. No, I mean a mess - a mini tornado that hit this room about a month ago that I just have ignored.

There's a collection of VHS tapes that are probably 10 tapes high and in 7 stacks all over the coffee table. There's Little League stuff everywhere thanks to the UIC, there's my rewrites for papers for school all over the floor because apparently someone thought that was a good place to lay mommy's school work. There is a stack of magazines - because I keep meaning to take them to my friend slackermomII. And boxes of pictures...because I had thought it a brilliant idea to move my scrapbook stuff down to the dining room so that I could scrap some while the family slept. Right. Ha!

Oh, and to make it worse, I just spied the 'half finished haunted house' that the Doodlebug and I were making at Halloween - what is wrong here? That was four months ago!!!!! Heck, I'm surprised I've managed to keep us in supply of bread, milk and tissue paper at this rate! Maybe I should make one of my goals this week to get myself back into gear and finish on the things around here that really need to be done... afterall, I've spent the afternoon so far catching up on all the blogs!

The Momster

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The Source said...

Motivation? When you find some, send a little bit of it this way!