Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Break Baby!

Well the thing that I hate about having gone back to school is that mine and The Doodlebug's 'vaca' schedules are never the same! Argh! I am off on Spring Break until March 10th - how awesome is that? But the downside, my psychology professor gave us a 'take home' exam so that we can all have a chance to boost our last test I'll be working on it next week while at home. And hopefully working A LOT to make up for all of these days I've had to turn down because I have to go to campus for my classes.

I have sent my application off to the 'BIG" university that I am hoping to attend to finish up my degree. I'm not sure how long it'll take to hear back from them, but I know that all of my transcripts should already be there as I was wonderful about sending in those requests, but a total slacker about mailing my actual application in on time. I've decided that if something happens and I don't get in their program, I am going to another school that is local. It's big...just not where I want to attend.

The Doodlebug has a karate competition coming up in a couple of weeks, so we have some extra classes to attend between now and then. She's super excited as it is on the escrima - which is the only 'weapon' used in Goju karate. I didn't realize that this form of karate and their instructors are the ones who train the police on techniques on how to use their nightsticks. It's really interesting to watch them in class and she seems to really enjoy herself so we'll keep at it. I also told her we need to look into some of the additional programs that are offered this summer and see if there is anything she would like to do. I can't believe school gets out in three months! Yikes, then we are heading off to middle school.

The UIC is getting ready for ball season to begin. He has a big clinic that he's in charge of this upcoming weekend and has been working on getting the finishing details nailed down for that. We sat down the other afternoon and made a list of some of the things that we would like to get done here at the Casa de Loco. I think the list is not that bad and mostly consists of time. Hopefully we'll start on these as soon as our normal warm weather returns. Today it's around 40 F, so it's a little too cold and windy to drag out the ladder and start painting the outside of the house.

Aside from that, not much going on. Looking forward to the next two days - I'm working and on Friday I get to go on a field trip - to see "Alice in Wonderland" - doesn't that sound like tons of fun???

So until next post, this is the Momster ...go out and enjoy your day!

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