Saturday, February 2, 2008


It's been an interesting day here at the house. The UIC was apparently up at 4 this morning - this shift work is going to get the best of all of us - and was back asleep at 8 tonight. So, that means he made it through the dinner (hamburgers and chips) but never made it to dessert - triple chocolate cake (from the pampered chef pan and the microwave). The Doodlebug has had a day of self entertainment. It started with "The Incredibles" on the Disney channel this morning and she has successfully dominated the living room all day. Did I ever mention that this child LOVES to stay at home? She wants nothing to do with shopping or going anywhere - she wants to just be here sometimes. Drives a cabin fever mom NUTS. I think my Mom put her up to it. They are two peas in a pod.

I just managed to take a test online to see if I am a slacker mom - alas, my title is faux. I am a "pretty mom in the city" lol. Stop laughing Deb! Actually I am a mean, strict mom according to the Doodlebug and she says I have all the kiddies SNOWED at school. She says that when we are out and they see me they treat me like I'm Santa Claus or something. That still makes me laugh. I tell her that's okay, one day she'll realize how cool I am, too. To which the response is the rolling of the eyes and an expression that we call 'the snake face' - that's another story in itself. But if you've ever wondered why I'm 'the momster' , that's a funny story....

My family likes to play. They play hard. They are like two children and sometimes I don't know who is worse. But we were at (gasp) Walmart one weekend and they were playing around while I was shopping. The Doodlebug spotted me down the aisle and said to him "Oh no, it's the Momster." So whenever I am to be picked on by the UIC, that's usually what he calls me. The Momster. Aren't you glad you asked? LOL

Tomorrow we are going to see the Hannah Montana concert movie. This is the most I have ever paid for movie tickets in my life so it had better be worth it! Actually I promised her we'd go and see it since we weren't able to take her to the show when Miley Cyrus and The JoBros were in town. Now I just have to motivate her to get out of the house.... this could be interesting.

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The Source said...

So how was Hannah Montana?

I have the same issue with the boys. They have each other for entertainment and they are perfectly happy to just be at home. Whenever we go somewhere they always beg for T or H to stay home with them.

It's the total opposite with the older ones. Especially H. She is bored to tears if she has any down time at all. I don't think she'll ever know the joys of a quiet afternoon with a good book. She's just too busy.