Friday, February 8, 2008

I just feel HORRID

I think I am coming down with a cold...just great! Probably from that 400 mile hike across campus, in the rain, on Wednesday afternoon. We came in today and I fell asleep on the loveseat for a while. I was all scrunched up when I woke up and decided to brave it and head out for some more cold medicine.

I had originally planned to stay at home today and sleep this off, in hopes that it would not get the best of me. Wrong. A teacher friend called to see if I would teach her class and I agreed because I know their schedule and I knew I would have a good break during the day to recoup. Well, you know what they say about either 1) intentions or 2) Murphy's Law - welcome to my life! My day got rearranged once I got to the school and while I am usually flexible I didn't really like it. At first they wanted me to go with one individual student, but I told the secretary that I thought I was coming down with something (how great is that to hear from the 'teacher') so they swapped one of my other friends to that student, put me in her room and put this HORRID person in the class where I was supposed to be. When I saw the kiddies at lunch they were all just miserable. While I had a good day with my varied class, I am just more worn out from the change in schedule. I would have been better off NOT answering the phone and having buried my head in the pillow all day long.

We have nothing special planned this weekend and I am looking forward to that. I am hoping to get lots of naps and get some studying done and the Doodlebug and I might try our hands at something crafty. I also saw a really cute valentines idea on the Work In Progress blog that I would like to try.

So I'll sign off here and leave you something fun to try - I scored a 24! Yippee!


WomensDaily said...

I think everyone has been getting sick lately. Hope you're feeling better!

The Source said...

Hey! Are you still felling yucky? Get better soon!

The Momster said...

I am finally feeling more like my old self - thanks! This weather has certainly worked me over though - I'll be glad when Spring finally does it's thing :)