Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well this past weekend we had the pleasure of going on a before you get all excited, we didn't get a friend's buddy passes and hit the airmiles up for a trip to Africa or somewhere exotic. No, we found a Safari about 90 minutes from home. So Sunday we loaded up the van and hit the road. And we had a blast!

We had bison and long horns and kangaroos and lions and tigers and bears - oh my - not to mention a ton of animals for our viewing pleasure! And we took tons of pictures - me with the trusty digital camera and the UIC with his camera phone. We had some funny encounters, too - like the bison who would NOT get out of my window and the fuzzy cow that seemed to be at every corner we turned. The Doodlebug was so glad that we went even though she complained on the drive there - 'are we there yet?', "how much further?" ... you know the questions that we get as parents. 'Nough to make you nuts!

So here are a few pics of the miraculous animals we encountered on our trip...

This lovely creature is a Liger - she is the offspring of a Lion and a Tiger. Isn't she just gorgeous? Deadly or not, this would be the one animal I would love to get to actually pet. She was so graceful - her name is Shakira.

This lovely creature is the bison that seemed to think he was my personal tour guide on the excursion. Let me tell you, I was so grateful that we rented a van when we got there rather than driving mine through the place. I think he would have gladly hopped in the backseat and came home with us!
And here is the UIC's biggest fan - every time we turned around, 'she' was sticking her head in his window for a treat... easy.
What you lookin' at?

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The Source said...! Email me and tell me where this place is...Ryan would LOVE it! And if it's only a quick trip for you, it can't be too far for me.