Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Break Baby!

Well the thing that I hate about having gone back to school is that mine and The Doodlebug's 'vaca' schedules are never the same! Argh! I am off on Spring Break until March 10th - how awesome is that? But the downside, my psychology professor gave us a 'take home' exam so that we can all have a chance to boost our last test I'll be working on it next week while at home. And hopefully working A LOT to make up for all of these days I've had to turn down because I have to go to campus for my classes.

I have sent my application off to the 'BIG" university that I am hoping to attend to finish up my degree. I'm not sure how long it'll take to hear back from them, but I know that all of my transcripts should already be there as I was wonderful about sending in those requests, but a total slacker about mailing my actual application in on time. I've decided that if something happens and I don't get in their program, I am going to another school that is local. It's big...just not where I want to attend.

The Doodlebug has a karate competition coming up in a couple of weeks, so we have some extra classes to attend between now and then. She's super excited as it is on the escrima - which is the only 'weapon' used in Goju karate. I didn't realize that this form of karate and their instructors are the ones who train the police on techniques on how to use their nightsticks. It's really interesting to watch them in class and she seems to really enjoy herself so we'll keep at it. I also told her we need to look into some of the additional programs that are offered this summer and see if there is anything she would like to do. I can't believe school gets out in three months! Yikes, then we are heading off to middle school.

The UIC is getting ready for ball season to begin. He has a big clinic that he's in charge of this upcoming weekend and has been working on getting the finishing details nailed down for that. We sat down the other afternoon and made a list of some of the things that we would like to get done here at the Casa de Loco. I think the list is not that bad and mostly consists of time. Hopefully we'll start on these as soon as our normal warm weather returns. Today it's around 40 F, so it's a little too cold and windy to drag out the ladder and start painting the outside of the house.

Aside from that, not much going on. Looking forward to the next two days - I'm working and on Friday I get to go on a field trip - to see "Alice in Wonderland" - doesn't that sound like tons of fun???

So until next post, this is the Momster ...go out and enjoy your day!

Monday, February 25, 2008


In addition to my sister Judi that you met yesterday, I have an older brother. His name is Steve. He was a great older brother and even younger brother to both of the girls in our family. He was kind and considerate. He wanted to grow up and move back to Florida and buy a house big enough that Momma and Daddy could live with him and his family. He loved the outdoors - he would hunt and fish with Daddy. He loved sports - he was a big boy at the age of 13 - he was already 6"1" and wore a size 13 shoe. He liked our grandmother Hattie's cooking. But his favorite person in the world was our Mother. He would sit and talk to her while she would cook dinner.

Steve died 32 years ago today. That seems so unreal to see - it has been 32 years. He was just 13 years old and here is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of him. There are things about myself that remind me of him in so many ways. This picture was taken during a visit to our grandparents' house the Christmas before he died.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Big Sister

Yesterday was my sister's 48th birthday. I thought I'd share a picture of her with you all.

Happy Birthday Judi Booti!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Covered Bridges

I love covered bridges. I like to think of the people who built them, the families who crossed over them, just the general history that surrounds the bridge itself. When we were first married, we would go for 'rides' in the country. One day we turned off our customary path and found this treasure in the middle of nowhere. At that time, there was no marker indicating who had built the structure or how old it was. Last weekend we ventured down this road again on our way back from the safari and discovered that the bridge was built in the 1840s by Horace King. It's remarkable to find something from the past as simple, yet as beautiful, still standing today. I had to jump out of the car and snap a picture of it before we drove thru to the sound of the clippity clap boards on the bridge.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Pictures from Safari


Couldn't resist this one - I luv roosters!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well this past weekend we had the pleasure of going on a before you get all excited, we didn't get a friend's buddy passes and hit the airmiles up for a trip to Africa or somewhere exotic. No, we found a Safari about 90 minutes from home. So Sunday we loaded up the van and hit the road. And we had a blast!

We had bison and long horns and kangaroos and lions and tigers and bears - oh my - not to mention a ton of animals for our viewing pleasure! And we took tons of pictures - me with the trusty digital camera and the UIC with his camera phone. We had some funny encounters, too - like the bison who would NOT get out of my window and the fuzzy cow that seemed to be at every corner we turned. The Doodlebug was so glad that we went even though she complained on the drive there - 'are we there yet?', "how much further?" ... you know the questions that we get as parents. 'Nough to make you nuts!

So here are a few pics of the miraculous animals we encountered on our trip...

This lovely creature is a Liger - she is the offspring of a Lion and a Tiger. Isn't she just gorgeous? Deadly or not, this would be the one animal I would love to get to actually pet. She was so graceful - her name is Shakira.

This lovely creature is the bison that seemed to think he was my personal tour guide on the excursion. Let me tell you, I was so grateful that we rented a van when we got there rather than driving mine through the place. I think he would have gladly hopped in the backseat and came home with us!
And here is the UIC's biggest fan - every time we turned around, 'she' was sticking her head in his window for a treat... easy.
What you lookin' at?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I lack in Motivation

I more than make up for in laziness. oh my green grapes, what is going on with me? When did I become this LAZY person? Here it is, three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon....the first Saturday in our winter break and I am sitting here, surfing blogs and thinking "gee, I really should get up and do this...." when I realize that I have been sitting here since 1:30! On the tushy, doing nothing. And I spin my comfy chair around to see the MESS that is behind me in this room. And when I say "mess" I don't mean a couple of magazines scattered on the coffee table. No, I mean a mess - a mini tornado that hit this room about a month ago that I just have ignored.

There's a collection of VHS tapes that are probably 10 tapes high and in 7 stacks all over the coffee table. There's Little League stuff everywhere thanks to the UIC, there's my rewrites for papers for school all over the floor because apparently someone thought that was a good place to lay mommy's school work. There is a stack of magazines - because I keep meaning to take them to my friend slackermomII. And boxes of pictures...because I had thought it a brilliant idea to move my scrapbook stuff down to the dining room so that I could scrap some while the family slept. Right. Ha!

Oh, and to make it worse, I just spied the 'half finished haunted house' that the Doodlebug and I were making at Halloween - what is wrong here? That was four months ago!!!!! Heck, I'm surprised I've managed to keep us in supply of bread, milk and tissue paper at this rate! Maybe I should make one of my goals this week to get myself back into gear and finish on the things around here that really need to be done... afterall, I've spent the afternoon so far catching up on all the blogs!

The Momster

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Truly Blessed

My initial plan today was to post some hokey 80s rock band ballad in honor of Valentine's Day, considering I've been sitting up here listening/watching Youtube this afternoon. But then I went over to Shannon's blog, Rocks In My Dryer, where she has been blogging about her mission trip to Africa. And reading how the people live, about their group's tour through an HIV hospital, about how people have to little and still seem so grateful, reminds me that we have so much.

There is so much to be thankful for, not just at certain times of the year, but all year long. Here are a few of mine:
First and foremost, God - he's off the charts here because everything I have and everything that I will be is all because of Him.
Then here's the rest of the list:
1. My parents - not just for giving me life, but raising me to be the person that I am today.
2. My husband - for supporting me in my beliefs and dreams.
3. My daughter - For loving me and wanting to spend time with me. Some days she's my hero :)
4. Insurance - yes, insurance. I'm grateful that it's there so that when I'm sick, like I have been lately, I can go to the doctor to get better. Because there are people in the world that don't have that option.
5. Our military - I know that the military takes a lot of hits and whether or not you think that we should be involved in the middle east right now, I am thankful for each of the dads, moms, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, husbands and wives who sign up to serve their nation. Heck, I feel instant guilt when I sign up to be a volunteer at the Doodlebug's school. If it weren't for these people, where would we be?
So just a few thoughts - go and check out Shannon's blog and see what you've got to be truly thankful for too.

Happy Valentine's Day!
The Momster

Friday, February 8, 2008

I just feel HORRID

I think I am coming down with a cold...just great! Probably from that 400 mile hike across campus, in the rain, on Wednesday afternoon. We came in today and I fell asleep on the loveseat for a while. I was all scrunched up when I woke up and decided to brave it and head out for some more cold medicine.

I had originally planned to stay at home today and sleep this off, in hopes that it would not get the best of me. Wrong. A teacher friend called to see if I would teach her class and I agreed because I know their schedule and I knew I would have a good break during the day to recoup. Well, you know what they say about either 1) intentions or 2) Murphy's Law - welcome to my life! My day got rearranged once I got to the school and while I am usually flexible I didn't really like it. At first they wanted me to go with one individual student, but I told the secretary that I thought I was coming down with something (how great is that to hear from the 'teacher') so they swapped one of my other friends to that student, put me in her room and put this HORRID person in the class where I was supposed to be. When I saw the kiddies at lunch they were all just miserable. While I had a good day with my varied class, I am just more worn out from the change in schedule. I would have been better off NOT answering the phone and having buried my head in the pillow all day long.

We have nothing special planned this weekend and I am looking forward to that. I am hoping to get lots of naps and get some studying done and the Doodlebug and I might try our hands at something crafty. I also saw a really cute valentines idea on the Work In Progress blog that I would like to try.

So I'll sign off here and leave you something fun to try - I scored a 24! Yippee!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Funny Cartoon

This is typically the mornings at our house, but rather than yelling at a teenage boy, it's my tweener daughter. The UIC tore it out of the paper for me to see and said the same thing. I guess he's now privy to what really happens here in the mornings since we are usually coming down to the kitchen when he gets home.
In other news, LOST was on again tonight. I am still trying to work my way through this one. I sort of wish that Locke had taken care of Ben, but I know he's in important character but he annoys me so much - and what's up with his lip? GROSS!!!
Aside from that, I am feeling pretty crummy tonight. Started to title this one "I feel like shoe leather". I am waiting for the washer to finish up and then I am going to take a big dose of cold medicine and go nighty night. I hope it's just the combination of stress and being tired - but then I just remembered my 200 mile hike across campus in the pouring rain without and umbrella on Wednesday. Lovely.
Here's wishing u a good Friday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We are in the midst of a drought. There are reports out today that starting in April people can water their yards and flowers every other day for 25 minutes. I think the governor is a little over zealous on this one - I mean, just cuz we've had more rain lately doesn't mean it's here to stay. The local lake still looks horrid - check it out yourself. This picture is the boat ramp last month. Needless to say, not much boating going on these days.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


It's been an interesting day here at the house. The UIC was apparently up at 4 this morning - this shift work is going to get the best of all of us - and was back asleep at 8 tonight. So, that means he made it through the dinner (hamburgers and chips) but never made it to dessert - triple chocolate cake (from the pampered chef pan and the microwave). The Doodlebug has had a day of self entertainment. It started with "The Incredibles" on the Disney channel this morning and she has successfully dominated the living room all day. Did I ever mention that this child LOVES to stay at home? She wants nothing to do with shopping or going anywhere - she wants to just be here sometimes. Drives a cabin fever mom NUTS. I think my Mom put her up to it. They are two peas in a pod.

I just managed to take a test online to see if I am a slacker mom - alas, my title is faux. I am a "pretty mom in the city" lol. Stop laughing Deb! Actually I am a mean, strict mom according to the Doodlebug and she says I have all the kiddies SNOWED at school. She says that when we are out and they see me they treat me like I'm Santa Claus or something. That still makes me laugh. I tell her that's okay, one day she'll realize how cool I am, too. To which the response is the rolling of the eyes and an expression that we call 'the snake face' - that's another story in itself. But if you've ever wondered why I'm 'the momster' , that's a funny story....

My family likes to play. They play hard. They are like two children and sometimes I don't know who is worse. But we were at (gasp) Walmart one weekend and they were playing around while I was shopping. The Doodlebug spotted me down the aisle and said to him "Oh no, it's the Momster." So whenever I am to be picked on by the UIC, that's usually what he calls me. The Momster. Aren't you glad you asked? LOL

Tomorrow we are going to see the Hannah Montana concert movie. This is the most I have ever paid for movie tickets in my life so it had better be worth it! Actually I promised her we'd go and see it since we weren't able to take her to the show when Miley Cyrus and The JoBros were in town. Now I just have to motivate her to get out of the house.... this could be interesting.