Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wet Wednesday

It has been raining here today, which is a good thing. We are living in the middle of a drought. It's been going on for some time and if something doesn't happen soon --- well let's just say, at times I wonder what exactly the state would do to rectify the problem? Dig wells? But there's no water... Our local lake is in sad shape. I road down there after my classes today and took some pictures for my project 365 that I'm working on. When I download them to the computer, I'll be sure to share.

Aside from that, the UIC seems to have a cold. Our cat, Cinnamon, is distraught over the schedule changes in the house. I started thinking tonight -she might end up looking like that ridiculous cat from the Austin Powers movies before this is all overwith. I caught her on the loveseat in here sleeping with a teddy bear. It was cute - and at the same time sad. Should have gotten a picture of that...

But anyway, my idea of posting my goals worked out well yesterday. It made me feel accountable. And to know me, is to know that I like to make lists, so I think that may become a regular. I also used to do this thing every week that I read about somewhere (but can't recall) called the COW - Chore Of the Week. My friend Rhonda reminded me of it - I had completely forgotten. So hopefully as I get more settled in with school and the UIC's schedule and my crazy life, I will start back with the COW too.

So, Thursday's goals, if I don't get called into work (which probably won't happen - slow week!):
1. Change the linens in our bedroom
2. Clean all of the bathrooms in the house.
3. Scrub down the refrigerator.
4. Polish the countertops in the kitchen.
5. Wash all the dishes that are hiding around the house - I just spotted a coffee mug in here!
6. Clean the car - riding over 100 miles today in the rain - it looks gross!

So, we'll see how I do - or will I just come in from car pool duty and crawl back in bed? Tune in tomorrow and see :)

'Night world!

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The Source said...

We woke up to some serious thunder about 4am this morning. And then...a deluge! All day long. I enjoyed it tremendously, though. I like really rainy days, just as long as there's not like 10 of them in a row.

How's the diet coming? DH wants to try South Beach but I'm not entirely sure I want to live on Cauliflower for two weeks.

Oh, and you're welcome to tackle my house when you've finished with yours. Mine needs a desparate overall cleaning, but my main helper (Heather) is unavailable due to practice, practice, practice.