Friday, January 4, 2008

Walmart Stand Off Day 4

When I decided to begin my own personal 'boycott Walmart' campaign, I regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth. I mean, where else can you go to buy toilet paper, a 12 pack of Coke Zero, oil filters, scrapbooking photo stickers and pick up a fried chicken, all in one visit? But alas, it is January 4th - almost the 5th - and I have not stepped foot in Walmart! YEAH ME!

I have had to do some 'creative' thinking. Walmart is like an addiction for me I think. I went there for EVERYTHING. There have been days when I find my car on autopilot heading for their Super Store. And when you live in an area where really there are 5 stores within a decent distance, you have a tendancy to spend your money at Walmart.

But I am boycotting Walmart for their poor customer service. I think that Sam Walton must roll over in his grave each time a customer walks out unhappy with the poor service they have received. I mean, it's not like a want a ticker tape parade when I go into their store, but some common courtesy would be appreciated. My most recent 'encounter' with their poor service took place in their vision center.

Rather than bore you with the details, I'll give you the abridged edition. I happened to come across a very cheeky employee after cancelling an order for glasses in their store that were going to take until February to come in. Not to mention the fact that I felt like I had been grossly overcharged and received poor customer service at the time of the order as well. I had to make 3 visits to their store as well as 3 or 4 phone calls to get the matter straightened out. I'm not the type to fly off the handle or even to complain, but after that, I simply had enough. I came in and told the UIC (my DH) that we were not shopping at Walmart in our local town again. That I would be happy if we never went to another Walmart store ever. He said "they'll have to let employees go now' - he knows apparently how many trips I make to that store. But I am standing firm.

No Walmart for me. I don't care at this point how much their 'prices drop'. I have found better deals on just about everything that I went to that store for at the other stores in town, that are actually closer to my home. I am making a stand - and it's thrilled the Doodlebug because apparently she's a Walmart hater just like her mommy :)

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The Source said...

Oh, if I could only be as committed as you! How else am I going to feed six people for two weeks if I don't get my groceries at Wal-Mart? The only way to feed them more cheaply would be grabbing a 99 cent burrito from Taco Bell every night. And that would ruin my resolution to get on my scales again.

Seriously, though, we do buy most of our fresh produce from the farmer's market. And eggs. Dh goes every week. I'm amazed that even though each piece of farmer's market yellow squash isn't identical (and some of it looks pretty weird) it actually has a taste! And the eggs...YUM!

Now, if someone else would sell mass quantities of shampoo, Spiderman toothpaste and little boy socks at a good price I would never have to shop the store full of rude, lazy people either. I'll be thinking on it! You go girl!