Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tune it up Tuesday!

Well the world is returning to its normal pace this morning. I dropped a very weary eyed girl off at school and came home to clean the kitchen and run a load of dishes in my sparklin' clean dishwasher. I had read over the weekend (catching up on those magazines!) that you could clean the dishwasher by running it through a normal cycle with a bowl containing 2 cups of white vinegar so I did this yesterday. The dishwasher is so nice and sparkly now :) I had a few minutes to chat with my friend Rhonda where she shared tales of her 12 year old and the clothing trends at middle school (I'm still in shock!) and then came upstairs to tackle the remaining "Attic Shuffle". I think I am about done, thank goodness, and would have finished up LONG ago if I hadn't found a few things that were left out when we packed up the Christmas decorations. But all in all, I am proud of myself for organizing the attic this year - I think we somehow have less tubs in there and I know where everything is!

And now it's time to update on I Hate Walmart! I have found that life apparently cannot exist without going to Walmart. We had to go yesterday afternoon. But I am proud to admit that I refused to go to the store in 'town' and instead drove to another store (have I mentioned there are like 4 stores nearby?). We got our minimal purchases and left. I have been doing much better in giving my business to the retail grocery stores in our area lately - and I've even managed to make myself use coupons! Yes, you read that right - COUPONS! I always save that part of the Sunday paper and eventually it ends up stuffed in the space around my desk, but last week I went to the local store with my coupons and used them! I use this website Cutouthunger.org - you can find out the best deals at your local stores, state by state, and she tells you prices and coupons. Really a neat, organized strategy. Just thought I'd pass that along.

I am thinking about painting this room. I never liked the paint colors that were in here when we bought the house, so a while back I decided to paint the hideous green wall and primed all of the walls just your basic white. So maybe I'll feel creative by the end of the week and start on my project - I'll make sure to take before and after pictures - and I'm thinking about rag rolling the walls - something I've never done before. Wish me luck!

Now it's time to get back to the attic storage switcharoo. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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