Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy Saturday

Today we have snow - we have been waiting on this since it snowed here on Wednesday. Two snows in one winter - it's a pretty big deal here in the south! I'm sitting here, watching the snow fall out the window. The roof tops are all white now and the ground is following along. The drive way is starting to look a littlle mushy so that's a sign that the roads could get interesting in a little bit. At least interesting in the term of southern driving. We don't get this stuff enough and so it freaks people out completely. The stores are all probably out of bread, milk, and eggs right now. The airport is probably in a panic....makes me happy to be right here in my nice, warm and comfy home. I'm just waiting for sufficient time before I break out the cocoa maker and start mixing up some cookie dough.

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