Friday, January 11, 2008

Moonlight and Musings

I have a guilty pleasure, well actually a lot of them if I were to make a list, but I love to watch this show, Moonlight, on CBS. I came across it one Friday night while at home and since then, it captivates me. Not because it's original (It's "Angel" in the sunlight) but it's sort of a 60 minute escape that I have once a week. It returned tonight so I am writing during a commercial break. It's funny, it's the same way that I started watching Prison Break during it's first season. Maybe I need to find something to do on Friday nights?

On the homefront, this has been an unusual week. We have all started something 'different' in our lives. I'm commuting back to campus, Doodlebug is taking Karate, and there have been some changes for the UIC at work. The window on my car got stuck in the down position, so the UIC and my Dad figured out what the problem is and are in the process of fixing it. I feel blessed to have men in my life who are mechanically inclined. This repair would easily be around $400 at a shop. I just have to go and pick up the new switch and things will be good to go. YEAH!!!

So I wish you all a great weekend ! Blog soon!

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