Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just unloading...

Some things about me that I really need to change:

1. Condense my craft closet - I really have too much stuff in there. I have painting supplies and scrapbooking supplies and sewing stuff and so on and so on. I really need to take the time to sit down and really see where my heart is with being 'crafty' and let some of it go - it's just cluttering up the process. I open the doors and instantly feel boiled over even though it's all organized. A lot of my 'collecting' started as the idea that since I like crafts and the Doodlebug likes crafts, it could be something we could do together. But we never craft. NEVER.

2. Get rid of my magazines - When I went back to school last year, I was getting several magazines in the mail. Family Fun, Woman's Day, Southern Living just to name a few. I started just sitting them aside until I had time to go through them. Afterall, I love to read and it would be a good way to relax. Or so I told myself. In working in the bonus room I found a basket full of magazines. Some have pages marked - some do not. My goal here is to go through the ones I've marked and then get rid of them - either by donating to the school's art program or recycling. But either way, they need to GO.

3. Clean out my closet - I really need to do this. And while I'm at it, I need to come back in here and go through the closet where we store clothes, too. Things that are too small or that haven't been worn that we don't really want to part with. I need to get more organized when it comes to my clothes. I told Doodlebug this morning while she was getting ready for school that she needs to really go through her stuff and organize it by outfits, so she always has something ready to wear. Of course she rolled her eyes, but it made me think, why didn't I practice what I preach?

4. Take the CLEP exams - I need to buckle down and take my two science CLEP exams. And I need to do this before July. I have to take two lab science classes and I cannot go to the closest college to get this done, because my college won't accept their credit, so I have decided to make myself study and try to CLEP two science classes. That's the last of the classes that I need to finish my degree and to move forward to earning my degree in Special Education.

5. Find more interesting things to BLOG about. LOL I promise, once I'm out of this organize mode for the new year, I'll do better!

For now, that's all the tell all I have time to tell.

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Debbie said...

I would like to keep your old magazines so we can cut out "ingredients" Thanks...