Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just how did I get here and where am I going?

So, as you may have gathered, I have returned to college. Yes, after first enrolling in this fine university back in '95 - gasp! - I am back again. Not withstanding, I do actually have a degree - but not the one that I want. I made the decision, when I left the airline industry in 2002, that I wanted to go back to school. Initially I enrolled in Accounting courses - afterall, it is what I know, even though it was not where my heart was. I had made a good living at the airline working in fields that always called on my accounting knowledge and know-how and I was really good at what I did. But 9/11 happened and the allure of aviation just wasn't there anymore. All I could think of while the towers were falling was how I wanted to run to my car as fast as I could and get home to my Doodlebug. So I cashed in my company loyalty, took the buy out that was offered and moved on to greener pastures - I was going to get to stay at home with the Doodlebug and focus on eventually finishing school.

Quick leap to the present. It is now 2008 and I am STILL, or should I say, BACK in school. Granted, I got sidetracked a few times. I continued to work as a contractor in my old office at the airport. I went in one or two days a week just to stay on top of things. I attended classes. I subbed at the Doodlebug's Preschool and I also was room mom. Her first year in public school, I took a job running the After School Program at her school - all while still taking classes full time. I worked there for one year - I feel like I paid my dues in more ways than one - and decided that I wouldn't be returning in the fall. We had some family health issues with my parents and grandparents that side tracked me for a while and time continued to march along. Finally a friend and my daughter's teacher convinced me to sign up to be a substitute teacher. That was the beginning of 2006 and I loved it. I decided then and there, this was something that I wanted to pursue.

Now I am about to finish my underclass requirements for my (second)Associates degree in Education. I'm planning on finishing my coursework at an off-campus location for one of the larger and more respected universities in the state. I'm going to pursue dual certification in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. I want to make a difference. I want to be one of those teachers who makes her students all feel special and unique. I want to make learning fun. I worry sometimes that this is going to take forever to finish - but now I have a projected completion date. I should finish my program Spring of 2010 - That sounds like FOREVER away and I'm sure the UIC would be glad if I could finish tomorrow, but it'll all be worth it in the end.

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The Source said...

Hey I like the title. I find myself asking that same question many days. Or at least some form of it. Such as "Where the heck did all these kids come from anyway?" or "Who decided it would be a good idea to make ME their mother?"