Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If you don't set goals, how can you ever score?

well I thought I'd update on how my goalsetting went for today - blah! (Score with penalty)
1. Doodlebug's room is done, minus sorting through the stack of clothes I found in the corner.
2. All of the laundry is done minus the whites, but the night is young... (being reviewed by ref)
3. I vacuumed both the upstairs and the downstairs (score!)
4. I have almost completed Chapter 1 - which was my assignment - maybe 2 more pages to go! (Score!)
5. I paid the bills! (Score!)
6. Dinner plans for tomorrow - does that count? (I'm going to get it all ready and put in the crock pot in the am) (penalty on the play)
7. That darned box is still downstairs, but there's always tomorrow right?

Overall, I feel good about my accomplishments for today. My head is killing me though and I plan on trying to get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is "D DAY" around here - we are starting our diet! Wish us luck!

This is the question of the morning. See, the UIC is on a new shift. This is not something that normally happens with his job. And it's making me nuts! I can't vacuum. I can't clean my room. I can't find the time to clean our bathroom, much less do anything that makes any noise because until he's ASLEEP (deep sleep) he is the easiest person in the world to wake up! I told him so far the past two days have totally sucked. I can't sleep at night. I hear EVERYTHING. I can't sleep during the day - because 1) I started back to school yesterday and 2) I don't want him to know that I truly am a slacker! I mean, I gotta keep the facade going of domestic goddesshood as long as I possibly can, which at the rate we are going, will end on Friday!

I'm trying to figure out when exactly am I going to get the vacuuming done. Our bedroom is directly above our living room - and guess which room REALLY needs a visit from the Nu-Nu? Ding DIng DING! We have a winner - the living room. I did manage to strip Doodlebug's bed of her flannel penguin sheets and they are in the washer - at the other end of the hall - and I'm sitting here waiting for the spin cycle to end so that they can go into the dryer. We'll be packing them up at least until the weekend, seeing how it's supposed to be 71 today! Last week we were below freezing and now they are talking about a possiblity of snow/ice this weekend. Welcome to the South! Maybe I should have sent her to school in her "Stop Global Warming" shirt today!

But back to the goals and scoring: I have decided I need to make myself accountable so today I'm going to list what my goals are for Tuesday:
1. Wash Doodlebug's sheets and clean up her room
2. Laundry list: Towels, whites, jeans
3. Vaccum that darned living room and dining room even if it's at 12 midnight!
4. Get a head start (ha!) on reading my history assignment for tomorrow's class.
5. Pay the bills for the month
6. Plan out a menu for the rest of the week
7. Figure out a way to get the HUGE Christmas tree box upstairs w/o waking up sleeping beauty.
8. Clean out my car.

That should be enough to get me started. I have a longer day today since a) I don't have school today and b) Doodlebug is staying after school today. I love days like this, but I really would rather be subbing than sitting at home thinking about cleaning!

So let's see how I do with my goals.... I'm not holding my breath!

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The Source said...

Good luck with your goals! I hate not being able to get anything done when DH is on shifts. But, I sneak in bed with him when the kids are at school...keeps him from thinking I'm a slacker cause I'm snuggling HIM. LOL