Saturday, January 26, 2008

Have Turtle - will travel

What does a fun loving family of three do on the weekend? Well, if you are a dad who's had very little sleep, a mom who's avoiding writing a paper like it's the plague and a daughter who hates to shop? You go to the mall. That's right. We all got loaded into the car and headed to the mall - to Build-A-Bear to be exact, so that the Doodlebug could stuff her Turtle that her Daddy got her for Christmas. Her name is "Shelby". My suggestion of "Snapple" didn't go over too well with the natives. But she's cute and she's dressed in a Hello Kitty Camo outfit this evening, ready for whatever adventure comes her way. But the funny thing is, when we were checking out so that we could pay for the outfit, the cashier asked the Doodlebug if she got the turtle, now known as Shelby, any panties - to which my daughter looked horrified. She looks at me, I look at her, then I look at the cashier who says "she's got on a skirt and a barebottom" and the next thing out of my mouth was "She's going it commando". With that, the daughter abandoned me to go and stand outside the store with her Daddy. LOL - I thought she was going to fall out, right there in the middle of BAB. I love ragging on her. Makes my day.

After I finish paying for the outfit, I go and find those two and they are talking about where we should go eat. Now, Doodlebug is a lover of all things Cracker Barrell, so we decide to forego the mall eateries and we get back in the car. We head down the road - no Cracker Barrell, so we decide to go to another town to the one there. So we finally arrived, they both act like they've never had food before in their lives - and we had a nice dinner and giggled and acted silly, as per the only way to behave when out with the Doodlebug and the UIC. Then it was finally time to come back home to the house - where the Wii rules and the computer is king. Where sleep abounds for the restless and papers wait on the Momster to be written.
I love days like this - time spent with the "Three Family". Singing to the radio and just having fun.

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