Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year 2 U

Happy New Year, Happy New U
Well, it's here. The year 2008. Nothing spectacular has happened yet - unless you include my actually sorting through all the holiday stuff that is shoved in our attic. Yes, DH is about to have a heart attack I think at the fact that I am tackling this task. But hey, it's one of my resolutions, so it's one thing to take off "The List".Speaking of the list, I figure if I post it, I'll be held more accountable to actually follow through. So here goes ---- drum roll please:
1. Lose weight - I figure it's been on my list for 10 years now, maybe 10 is my lucky number! Bikini body here I come (Stop laughing Debbie!)!!!
2. Pay down our debt - this one is really important to me and goes right along with number 3...
3. Stop spending money of craft supplies. Who am I fooling? I thought I was a pretty good crafter until I sit down and surf some incredible blogs - like those workinprogress ladies. I'm in awe of their ability! But a girl can dream...
4. Catch up on my scrapbooking of Doodlebug's life. Without buying anymore craft supplies.
5. Be a better friend, daughter, neighbor, mom and wife."
6. "Make the TIME matter." That probably goes along with #5 hand in hand.
7. Be better to myself. Who am I kidding? No matter how much I am loved by the people in my life, if I don't start taking better care of myself I won't be around forever. Not that my longevity is guaranteed, but you know what I mean. I started thinking about this one and number 5 after hearing that someone my friend knows has been diagnosed with cancer and the option to treat it is not to treat it. Makes u put life in perspective and MAKE THE TIME MATTER.I'm sure I could come up with a million more things but I'll stop there for now. Like I'd really like to learn to play the guitar. But one day at a time.So Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope you have a wonderful day full of rest and relaxation!

The Momster

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The Source said...

I'm with you on the weight-loss resolution. I was in the doc's office last week (wondering about warning labels) and OMG I can only HOPE & PRAY that the batteries in his scale were dying. (Never was one of those old fashioned slidy kind.)

Also working on the debt-reducing. My DH is very proud of the progress he's made on that this past year. But he's out every weekend trying to trade in my Envoy. Not gonna happen!