Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Family

Not sure where exactly I got this poem, but I love it for the truth it speaks to me. Just wanted to share on this Sunday.

A Family is a Place
To cry
To laugh
To vent frustration
To ask for help
And tease
And yell
To be kissed and hugged
and smiled at.

A Family is People
Who care when you are sad
Who love you no matter what
Who share your triumphs
Who don't expect you to be perfect
Just grow with honesty
In your own direction.

A Family is a Circle
Where we learn to like ourselves
Where we learn to make good decisions
Where we learn to think before we do
Where we learn integrity and respect for others
Where we are special
Where we share ideas
Where we listen and are listened to
Where we learn the rules of life
To prepare ourselves for the world.

The world is a Place
Where anything can happen.

If we grow in a Loving Family
We are ready for the world.

Enjoy today with your family...

1 comment:

The Source said...

Hi! Just showing your comments section some love. Our family did spend some time together yesterday...well, some of us did anyway. The Hubby and Todd...the Twins and me...Heather & her squad. LOL How's it going keeping to your list?